The Veil is Thin AF!

Yep! I said it… The veil is THIN AF, and only getting thinner. Have you noticed??

You might be thinking something like:

What is the veil?

What does a “thin Veil” mean and why is it important??

Think of the veil as a dense force that divides the spiritual world from the physical world.

A few years ago, we were all “Keeping up with the Kardashians” and now we’re all woo-this, and woo-that because the Veil is thinning.

More and more [Womb]men and Men are awakening to the mystical part of life. The spiritual world is less illusive and starting to smack most of us in the face. We are all feeling more witchy/psychic/tuned-in and noticing it.

There is still a lingering fear of “Religion” that some people hold. I know that when my gifts first appeared, I was scared AF! I kept thinking…

Am I going to Hell?

Have I completely lost my mind?

Who the F am I contacting?

I heard someone in my hallway while I was meditating and smudged my house like a mofo. Is it a demon, a ghost, some lost soul that wants to haunt me? NOPE. It was my Uncle David. He had been waiting for someone to open up, and I was the first one he knew.

I was lucky enough to have an awesome medium as my guide to help me identify him. She introduced me to him, and told me that he had some messages for me to give…


The thinning of the veil is important because since I have discovered my gifts I know many more people will too. Collectively we are starting to remember our truth, despite being raised to deny our truth.

Doing this alone is scary and confusing.

You need a guidance system. Someone to help you develop your gifts and navigate the fears and misconceptions you may have.

Ultimately, we all know that we are in control of our reality through our minds. The same goes with spirit, but you don’t want to do this alone.

Ask to speak to your guides.

Ask to be lead to communities that are supportive of your gifts, and rise the F up!

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4 Replies to “The Veil is Thin AF!”

  1. Everything you said here resonated with me. This crazy shit has been going on with me for quite sometime. I have known that I needed some guidance, but didn’t know who to look for to help. Seeing Spirit, reading people, flashes of light, overwhelming absorption of energy from…..somewhere. Help!

    1. YES GIRL! We are all slowly awakening. I work with people 1:1 to help develop their gifts so that they are under control. Since this is so popular I’ve even thought about doing it in a group coaching setting. Let me know if you would be interested

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