San Diego Open Circle at Balboa Park

I have been searching for an open circle in San Diego for almost 6 months and found next to nothing… The stories I have to tell are priceless, but my needs just weren’t met…

I cannot be the ONLY intuitive desiring a safe place to grow, connect and practice using my gifts…

So I have decided to create my own Open Circle for Spiritual Chicks interested in developing their intuition, meeting their spirit guides, and connecting with other high vibe intuitive women in the process.

Show up with a desire to grow and just BE YOURSELF. We all understand that there are difficult times during an awakening, so let this be your get out of jail free card when it comes to negative emotions. Let that ishhh GO before you grace us with your presence. Take a couple of minutes to meditate in the car. Sing your favorite song, and show up with your smile!

What you can expect from these gatherings:

  1. A safe place to develop spiritual and intuitive gifts
  2. Meditations specifically designed for development
  3. Developing a relationship with your spirit guides
  4. Partners! Activities to try on one another
  5. Activities to take home
  6. Affirmations to help you grow
  7. Sharing experiences
  8. Support and Guidance through the process

When? We will meet Every Saturday at 2pm at the Balboa Park Bridge by the dog park to find our space to practice.

Be sure to bring:

  1. Something to sit on
  2. Something to drink
  3. A crystal you would like to charge

The cost is $20 per person.

Got questions?  Check out the facebook event HERE

You can always Email me at for further assistance.

See you there!


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