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This session is one hour of deep connection with YOUR spirit team. You will learn how they connect with you, what areas of your life they aid you in, and how YOU can connect with them on a daily basis. Get ready for an enlightening hour of channelled messages and cultivating your own relationship with your guides.



I do all readings over the phone so that each party <including myself> is comfortable and relaxed…

I connect 30 minutes prior to your guides, take down several THOROUGH messages and explain EVERYTHING i received before my clients say anything about their struggle and personal questions.

My readings are VERY thorough and I teach you exactly how your guides connect to YOU.

I tell you all of your spiritual gifts, and how to grow them.

I give you an indepth analysis of the chakras that are being worked on, and how to help ease and speed up the process.

There are purpose based questions a lot of people desire answered and I’ve received specific answers for those ready to perform. Their roles.

Others who aren’t ready, get indepth explanations on what is blocking them and why.

I’ve helped people go from weightloss coach to reiki master in 3 days.

I’ve helped women who felt so scared of starting their holistic business break down the mental barriers to creating the structure based off if their desires.

I’ve helped women cut ties with their “old self” to fully embrace their spiritual journey.

I’ve helped people who feel insignificant in the spiritual arena understand exactly what their gifts are and how to open them.

I’ve connect clients with their ET Lineage, helping them understand their archetypes and biggest life lessons.

The list goes on!

Basically, if you get a reading with me there is nothing “basic” about it.

They. Are. Life. Changing.


8 reviews for Spirit Guide Reading

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kara Maryn

    THIS GIRL IS AMAZING!!!!! Honestly though, she’s so incredible and words cannot even begin to explain how incredibly grateful I am to have met this woman and for her to give me such an outstanding reading. She had me crying in the first 5 seconds and by the end of it I was balling my eyes out. I’m talking snot running down my nose, blood shot eyes, just nodding my head because I can’t speak, crying. She changed my entire life! Because of April I now have a clear idea of my purpose. I was able to meet my spirit guides AND I am able to stay in contact with them! I learned sooooo much about myself, things I knew already but needed to be reminded of, as well as things I suspected but now am validated on! April gave me hope and clarity and joy and peace of mind! She was able to channel some incredible energy and give me guidance. Ultimately the choice has always been up to me but to have such a pure soul reach out and expose my vulnerability and to comfort me so much as she did was amazing. Her prices don’t do her justice! BOOK WITH HER NOW WHILE IT’S LIKE FINDING A LOUIE VUITTON PURSE WITH A $100 PRICE STICKER THAT THE CASHIER HAS TO HONOR! DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS WOMAN!!!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Renata Caple (verified owner)

    April is amazing in every single way. I went into this reading expecting to hear some of the same stuff I had heard at a similar type of reading a few years ago and maybe get a couple of answers to some specific things I wanted to touch on. Uh… yes and so much MORE! I was BLOWN AWAY. I got so much information I legit have notes on it. She helped me understand what I needed to do to remove some blocks that had been stopping me from connecting with my spiritual side, meditating and even listening to my guides and angels. She also helped me confirm A LOT of the things I needed to boost my confidence and take the next steps in my journey as I continue building my business. She not only helped me accept my life purpose and that I’m a healer, but also told me what to do next because I was finally open and ready to hear it. I left our session with a huge sense of peace and gratitude for getting the answers I needed. If you have ever experienced getting downloads from your guides or angels, you know sometimes you need confirmation you’re not crazy. This was exactly what I got.. April helped me regain my confidence in listening to my guides and know that it’s not just me making it up or being overly positive. She also touches on difficult topics or wounds you may have in such a kind way you can feel the love over the phone. If you have the opportunity to book a session with her, DO IT NOW. It will change your life if you are willing and open to let your spirit guides in!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    I had the most thoughtful and beautiful reading with April. She “translated” Spirit messages & energy to me in such a grounded, tangible way. I felt so connected to her, her energy & the messages that were coming through. She’s the perfect balance of down to earth and up in the Universe. I feel like I have such great thoughts & messages to meditate on now. Highly highly recommended!

    (Post taken from Facebook at April Kamara Life Coaching)

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Chelisa (verified owner)

    I found April on social media in a group we’re both in. I was immediately drawn to her intuition and the thought provoking things she had to say.

    I was thrilled when I discovered that she did readings. I have been sifting through some things and looking for direction.

    She was super responsive to my inquiries and made scheduling easy too.

    The first thing I noticed when we began my reading was how familiar I felt with her. I felt like I’d known her forever.

    She spent a lot of time going over things with me and making sure I understood what my Spirit Guides were wanting me to know.

    I highly recommend April for all of your future readings. You won’t be disappointed!

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jessica (verified owner)

    I can’t EVEN say enough about this girl! From the moment I came across one of her posts in a random FB group about 2 wks ago until my reading today, I have been devouring all content that is April Kamara- posts, FB lives, courses on journaling, tapping, confidence, and more!) so I kneeeew I was in for a treat! And STILL, my expectations were exceeded! She’s super warm, genuine, and undeniably gifted AF! The way she first shares all the things she’s picked up on that your guides want you to know (before even getting on the phone mind you!) is pretty amazing. It’s so reassuring to know, for example, that I AM actually protected and guided and loved and that I’m NOT crazy in suspecting that I often feel emotions that don’t belong to me!

    I mean… there were SO many insights and ah-ha moments over the course of the hour that I could write for days but I’ll spare ya and just leave you with this: go… book your own reading ASAP! I promise you, it’s WELL worth the investment! Thank you again April for being YOU! <3

  6. Rated 5 out of 5


    Thank you for an amazing reading!! Loved every part of it. Very precise and thorough. So thankful for you gifts and will to help people on a soul, deep down level. You’re amazing April, SO nice to have met you 💖

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    Lynn Crimaldi

    My reading with April was so interesting! She confirmed things I was unsure of and connected me to my spirit guide, which happens to be my mom. April explained the information as she was receiving it and she kept it very real and honest. I love that. I recommend her to anyone interested in learning more about not only themselves but the spirit world.

  8. Rated 5 out of 5


    I just finished a reading with April. Here is my takeaway:
    “I will be getting out of my own way to allow the people tools and instances to rise up to me. I realize I already have all the tools I need. I can stop looking. As tools are needed they will come to me through intuitive nudges from my guides! Huge blessings back to you, April!”

    April empowers you to be who you are and speaks to your gifts.

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