Cord Cutting Ceremony

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One of my FAVORITE transformational services!

Do you ever experience…
Toxic relationships pulling at your heart or mind?
Old wounds showing up in current affairs?
Events of the past still causing you to act irrationally today?

These situations have created a cord that if not removed, can lead to unnecessary pain and suffering.
Let’s heal this once and for all.



Cord Cutting is a unique process for each individual person.

I connect directly with your guides and ask specifically what you need to do in order to release the situation and person from your life without any hard feelings or ill wills. I take you through the process, and detach the cord for you.

These are transofrmational processes! It’s an entire different vibration you get to step into while releasing the old wounds, relationships and or events from the past.

2 reviews for Cord Cutting Ceremony

  1. Lauren

    Immediately before I even started talking about my past relationships April knew I had to cut cords. At the time, I can be honest in saying I didn’t really know too much about cord cutting ceremony but April was extremely knowledgable and explained that others can attach and deprive us of our energies…more specifically for me it was my Exes. That being said the ceremony was impactful and liberating. I cried and for the first time in my life felt like a weight was lifted. I can’t recommend this process with April enough!!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Before April I didn’t even know what a chord cutting ceremony was. I had worked with her in the past, LOVED it and when I found myself feeling down and out I felt the need to reach out to her since her readings and intuition is always so spot on. When we chatted and I mentioned what I was experiencing, she suggested a chord cutting ceremony. WHOA it could not have been more of what I needed. April is always so kindhearted, non-judgmental and creates an extremely comfortable, safe space for her clients to go through emotions. She expertly (and patiently!) guided me through the chord cutting ceremony which allowed me to heal an old, hurt part of me that I had been holding onto. Highly recommend chord cutting, and more importantly, APRIL!

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