6 Month 1:1 Soul Aligned Love Package

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If you are a single woman, looking to attract a relationship that is Soul Aligned, predestined and everything you’ve ACTUALLY wanted, and more. I’m the coach for you.

I specialize in relationship energetics and focus on your desires aligning with your energy and soul.

Most relationship coaches teach you how to “get” a man or change your mindset to stay with a lover you’re with, but who may not be the soul aligned love you are destined for.

I believe in soul aligned love through soul embodiment FIRST, so energetic alignment comes naturally.

I don’t believe in changing for a man, I believe in being as authentically you, so that you can ATTRACT your man being irresistibly YOU.



This is the year of MASSIVE shifts and we learn the MOST through relationships. We also love the most when we are surrounded by people who love us, and we grow the most when the people around us support us.


If that were the point, or if that is what you are desiring, you’re missing a MAJOR PREMISE that will always knock you on your ass, and keep you repeating the same patterns with different men, and this AINT the year to continue…

This 1:1 package is for you if you’re ready to heal yourself, uncover and maintain the MAJOR PREMISE that is fucking you over, and make a big investment in yourself and our work together.

This is for you if you are:
Looking for that #soulalignedlove
Ready to invest in the best
Sick and tired of dating apps
Successful in every area, but relationships
Feeling like your standards are nonexistent or too high
Running a successful business, but still haven’t manifested THE MAN
Wanting to feel confident and sexy no matter what
Wish men were as easy as money
Wondering why you’re a queen attracting peasants
Currently blaming your father’s past actions for current relationship statuses
Ready for a PARTNER

Just working with people in one session I have been able to…
*Get women out of their houses and onto dates that were 100% paid for by the man because that’s how we roll. Please and Thank you.
*Connect women with their #AlienLineage to help embrace the archetype required for their perfect mate
*Disconnect cords from loved ones who were acting as martyrs for their own mistakes
*Realign energy in a way that heals and activates the inner “Irresistibility”
*Help clients fearlessly identify and shift into the dating style called by their soul
*Own their fucking weird as SEXY

Those were all just one time sessions…
Imagine what a 6 month immersion in my energy
Your desires and my skillset would create?

Can you say, “Dripping wet with the most #SoulAlignedLover I’ve ever met?”

THAT, is what I focus on calling in.

The type of love that has you completely begging for more, while in complete and total trust that this person will never break your heart bc your soul told you.

The lover who matches your frequency in ways you never knew were possible.

The lover who listens in the streets and gets freaky in the sheets bc lets be honest, we are wise fuckin women who deserve to be LISTENED to and WORSHIPPED.

Yeah. Message me. These spots are going to fill up FAST.

1 on 1 coaching includes:

*weekly 1 hour intuitive coaching calls: Meaning, I am channeling information for you from your guides, intertwined with mindset work, and intuitively addressing your misaligned energy, or awareness of your TOTAL ALIGNMENT

*My undivided attention for these next 6 months: This is major because when we are connected, you will be receiving little messages that spirit have for you, even when we aren’t working

*Fb Messenger/Email support: Got a question in the moment? Message me and I’ll be there.

*Distance Reiki is always an option, in place of a weekly call

*Access to me and my guides

*Card pulls for any and all occasions

*How to manifest without forcing

*All of the bundles I create and Launch

Message me on facebook, if we aren’t already friends  Here . 

Ask me for the Monthly payment plan option.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I just had a soul align session with April, and I’m very pleased! She is extremely intuitive and offered a ton of insights— they all really resonated with me. She worked very quickly and we covered a ton in such a small time. She ended the session by giving me a few things to work on— I’m excited and inspired!

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