6 Month 1:1 Spiritual Mindset Coaching

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Insanity: Doing the same things over and over again, expecting different results. We don’t really need to be committed to fall into this trap. 

We can be hiding. 

Pretending everything is alright, when really… We kind of checked out of our minds and bodies years ago.

It looks a little like this…

So you started something new, and the excitement felt like a rush of endorphins. This can be a relationship, a job, a gym membership… You get my point, but usually once the excitement fades…

The rush is gone. Uh – oh.

Everywhere you go… There you are… There aren’t enough endorphins to keep your old thoughts and beliefs from resurfacing, and POOF. All your hopes and dreams get fogged and clumped up into the trash that is your current thought patterns, fears and beliefs about life.

Can you say… “Whoops”??

Yet, there’s a stir in your soul and every once in a while you start to climb that mountain again.

Insert, new hobby, new job, new boy/girl friend again.

The endorphins kick in! YAY! So you have a choice… Do  you ride the endorphins until they fizzle out or do you become the endorphins? Got you there didn’t I?

You thought I was gonna say something completely different.


You can literally BE what you want. 

You can BE the endorphins that get you through the day.

You can BE the version of yourself that lives on a constant stream of never ending energy. Kids do it! Why can’t we?

Oh yeah, we picked up a lot of crappy ways of thinking and treating ourselves and we kind of hate ourselves for it, so we don’t admit it to anyone, ESPECIALLY ourselves, and if we do… or god forbid.. someone else does…

We LOSE OUR MINDS. Insert either, stone-walling ourselves or someone else – usually those close to us, hysterical emotions that don’t match the situation and images of younger pained versions of ourselves that really throw us for a loop and now we are in a spiral going nowhere, FAST.

That’s where I step in. 

You don’t HAVE to fear that belief your mom always told you as a kid…

You don’t NEED to avoid the thoughts in your head. You are safe to explore every part of you. Even the not so polished and perfect parts.

I had a REALLY hard time with this. I was completely unavailable for anything I deemed, unacceptable. Which was quite a lot! I was emotionally wrecked, but also incapable of healthy communication about what I was feeling. So I would stone wall myself and explode on anyone that hit my “sore spots”. 

Aka: The parts of myself I was either afraid to become or admit, and the parts of myself I was ashamed of or saw as weak.

Life got CHAOTIC at best. When it wasn’t chaotic, well… I didn’t FEEL anything.

So I was constantly shifting between two extremes that made no sense, but in my own way… I was trying to get my own attention. Like many people I just, couldn’t grasp why my life seemed to suck and why I was trying SO HARD but getting absolutely no where.

I was taking adderral every day to help with my “ADHD” but something didn’t feel right when I took it. I felt like a productive shell of myself (This is merely my experience, I’m by NO WAY saying anything negative about medical advice and or medication).

Years of living so unaware of what was truly going on led to a breaking point. I broke down after a traumatic experience and extremely stressful time of my life, and i started looking for something to help me. I didn’t know what it was… but I knew there had to be a better way.

A few life coaches and a baby later, I had done tons of self work.

I learned about the law of attraction, and wanted that to be the answer, but it wasn’t.

I had heard of mindset coaching and I knew intuitively that I was going to have to get ahold of my mind before I started living the life I wanted and feeling the way I wanted to feel. So I did, and it’s a constant journey of continued growth, and more awareness and more growth, but the kicker was when I realized…

My thoughts and emotions had a place.

My thoughts and emotions weren’t JUST invisible…

They were creating a bridge to a place I couldn’t see, but I could feel it.

Soon I realized I was a medium, and that bridge became a way for me to communicate with that realm my thoughts and emotions took shape upon.

Many many realizations later, I discovered the literal mechanisms my thoughts and emotions created. I noticed how powerful they were and how the more i refined them the more I was able to live the effortless life I had always wanted.

This is what I help you do without any knowledge of spirituality. 

You don’t need to be a psychic to work with energy.

Understanding the basics is simple,  yet integrating and embodying them can be a challenge.

I help you identify and release the resistance.

I help you cultivate and clean up your mind and emotions.

I help you create boundaries that lead you to the path of a life that feels satisfying and enriching.

I help you to not only become aware, but completely unmoved by the old thoughts that used to torment you.

Together we weave your consciousness into a well oiled machine that generates patterns and recognizes triggers in a way that is as fun as playing a game.

Not only does life become your game, but with a second set of non judgmental eyes… We get to create a bridge from you to your highest self.

I can help you rise above your current misalignment and I give you the tools to embody your love, your light, your truth and to open your heart so that the invisible realm isn’t so invisible. You are so rooted in the life you have here that the spirit realm no longer becomes a place of mystery but a place of faith and trust.

You don’t need to see everything to be a master of your thoughts and emotions, but having someone to help guide you in the beginning is so helpful.

Experiencing the benefits of years of my own self study and practice reading energy is what my clients love.

They don’t need to be me, they get to remain themselves and work with me to open their minds to the possibilities of imagination and manifestation.

The only requirement I have is that you maintain an open mind, an open heart and the ability to express what you want. The rest we will work on together.






Finding out I was a medium, changed my life forever, but in the best possible ways. I don’t believe we are given anything in life we cannot handle. You see, for every problem there is an energetic solution. That energetic solution happens on the subconscious level. Meaning, it doesn’t happen just by physical will and action alone. It literally starts on the spirit realm.

Navigating this new awareness, I found out, I was the ONLY one keeping myself small, and choosing to live a life that didn’t excite me.

Discovering what goes on in the spirit realm isn’t that hard when you take responsibility for your words, your energy, aka your emotions and your actions. They all create energy and that’s all the spirit realm is. A culmination of energy sharing a space, just like our physical bodies here share a space. Energy is just invisible to most people. That means, most people don’t realize they are sending out bad vibes. They don’t realize that their thoughts and emotions created a chaotic turbulence in the rooms they walk into.

That’s where I come in to help you. Together we shine a light on the things that aren’t serving you, and I help you understand what your thoughts and energy are creating in the invisible realms.

You simply, don’t know, what you don’t know, but I whole heartedly believe that everyone has the ability to work with and direct energy in the spirit realm because we all think, we all feel (in our own ways) and we all have just as much invisible energy as physical.

Wouldn’t it be nice, if you could get ahold of your energy in a way that opened you up to the possibilities and ultimate creator of your own reality?

Wouldn’t you feel empowered by the awareness and understanding of the science behind spirituality? Yeah, I said it… It’s a science.

When you take out the fear, and you study it like a project.

Take out your beliefs and just simply open heartedly and with an open mind, started to look at your thoughts, and where they come from.

Then look at the emotions they invoke from you.

Then switch it around.

Look at your emotional state, and watch what thoughts come up when you feel REALLY good and REALLY bad… What if these thoughts were merely attracted, and sure they found resonance with something within you, but if you can stop yourself from telling the bad stories and start telling more good stories…

You catch my drift, right?

Your. Mind. Is. Magic.

Your energy is simply emotional standards you set for yourself and you CAN raise the bar.

You CAN look at things differently.

That’s what I help you do when we work together. I help you look at things differently. I help you create a life that is effortless to adjust and fun to work with and add too. You see, we’ve all kind of fallen asleep at the wheel when it comes to our minds and our bodies.

Reorganizing our thoughts after years and years of habitual patterns isn’t easy, but neither is being victimized by our own inaction. If a driver falls asleep at the wheel for real, we don’t usually see them do it twice. Once was enough.

That’s why understanding the spirit realm and the mechanics behind it is so integral to our experience and enjoyment of life. Our thoughts are as powerful as cars in the spirit realm, and usually they are taking us down a path of unwanted destinations due to our lack of ability to sense and course correct.

So, the “woo-woo” spiritual community may sound cooky and a little out there in la la land, but where are you when you find yourself in the same situation over and over again with no way out and asking yourself, “Well crap, how did I end up here?! AGAIN???”

We have all been there, so don’t feel bad. Just make the decision to do something different. Make the decision to work with someone that understands the spiritual and the physical worlds and can identify the disconnect and help you course correct with a quickness so the cycle doesn’t repeat and you can get some relief.

Working with me includes:

*Bi-weekly 45 minute coaching sessions ( Can be exchanged for healings or readings if discussed 72 hours in advance

*Voxer support between calls

*Access to my courses

Our time together is customized for your needs and in between calls all the intuitive goodness will flow from me to you about things you can do to shift your energy and flow into the effortless version of yourself you have always had inside of you.

Please be sure to decide how this experience will go for you before signing up. Due to the commitment I provide and the depth that we go together, there are no refunds once the payments have gone through. This is also in no way meant to substitute for medical, legal and or professional guidance. I allow my intuition to guide me and you, however YOU are the ultimate guide. Therefore, I cannot be held liable for any choices you choose to make during our sessions, as I am merely suggesting, not informing or directing.



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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I just had a soul align session with April, and I’m very pleased! She is extremely intuitive and offered a ton of insights— they all really resonated with me. She worked very quickly and we covered a ton in such a small time. She ended the session by giving me a few things to work on— I’m excited and inspired!

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