Healing Leads to Clarity

So many times, we get caught in a rut thinking of every potential set back, every failure, all of the times we felt shitty, and we block the fuck out of our joy!

Ask yourself who really accomplishes everything while bringing up old wounds and reliving all of the times that the failed? NO ONE. You want to know why? Because emotions carry energy. Good or bad, it’s up to you to decide whether or not to heal them.

Successful people haven’t lived without these emotions that you experience. EVERYONE has experienced pain, but the people who heal these past experiences are able to access a source of power that provides clarity.

They no longer question their desires. They no longer stumble around making decisions. The events in their life that caused them to live in fear and doubt have been handled.

Now, you might be thinking that these examples I’ve given have NOTHING on your story, and you’re probably right. They don’t even begin to describe the horrific things that you have seen or experienced. But guess what? You have an advantage that no one else does. You have the ability to heal your past. A past so horrific and terrifying that once it is healed, will afford you SO MUCH POWER.

You will feel invincible after letting go of all that negativity, and the feeling of peace that will surround you will lift you higher than you have ever imagined. Are you ready? Is it time to let that shit go?

Okay, lets do this! Fill out the contact form on my free consultations page, and send me PM on Facebook or whatever social media platform that connects us.

There is no time to waste, only time spent wondering what it would be like if fear wasn’t keeping you from living the life you deserve.

How to Distinguish Intuitive Guidance from Impulses

The word intuition is thrown out a lot these days, and many people find themselves falling victim to impulses instead of following their intuition. So today I am going to give it to you just as my intuition gave it to me. To better understand the difference between the two, first you have to be able to understand the motivation and characteristics of each one.

What is an impulse?
Impulses are motivated by fear, and grab our attention instantly. If you have ever read A Course in Miracles, you have heard that the ego (a fear based thought) speaks first and is the loudest. It is quite literally, the ego screaming at you. It creates a false sense of urgency, and can be mistaken as a warning.

Luckily, after reading this you will be able to observe the frantic warnings of your ego without listening to them.

What does an impulse feel like?
Think of an impulse as feeling like life or death. Since fear drives impulses, you will likely feel anxiety along with your impulse. A lot like cravings, impulses can be very tricky. You may not know why you must do something, but you must! And when you do, there is a sense of loss. Impulses give fleeting pleasure, and are often rooted in deeper fears that make people do things that they later regret, but seem right at the time.


What is intuition?
Intuition is when our souls receive psychic-like information that come into our awareness however we are able to comprehend. Intuition is rooted in our highest good and love. Some people will call intuition a form of psychic ability, and to an extent I can comprehend that. Intuition can be compared to God given truth about your life or for your life.

Intuition can be tricky too. It can be a lot of different things to different people. Some people hear “God” or their spirit guides, others are more inclined to “know” something that is beyond themselves. Some people can visualize their intuition and others are simply lead by psychic abilities. However, the common denominator in the essence of these abilities is the gentle feeling of peace (instead of chaos that comes with impulses).

Intuition raises your vibrations. It brings along synchronicity that reminds you that the universe has your back.

Intuition feels less forced and more like a gentle nudge to go a certain direction. It comes along organically, and doesn’t disturb your happiness. Intuition is less of a feeling and more of a knowing. It can save you from harm. It can lead you to the love of your life. It can come in symbols, lessons, animals, songs, and so much more. There is a deep knowing that our souls feel when we have intuitive moments that call for a clear channel of space in order to be noticed.

You don’t need to be a spiritual person to receive intuition. Intuition is not an entitlement for psychics or mediums. Intuition is a God given right. Everyone experiences it in their own ways, and some people experience it without knowing. There are practical ways to listen to your intuition, and like every skill: The more you practice the easier it gets.

Fear is a Bitch

Hello everyone! It’s about to get REAL. Like no lie… Writing this is one of the most uncomfortable things I’ve done in a long time. The reason I say that is because I have been MIA due to the nastiest bitch around, FEAR.

UGH!! Just when I felt like I was on a role, setting up this amazing website, blogging regularly and sharing my tips navigating fear and stress, BOOM! Your girl freezes and goes ghost (aka stops sharing tips, stops practicing tips, and stops writing). I can’t deny it anymore than I can deny the fact that I am now a mother of an amazing baby boy. (Eek, more on that later)

So now that I have shared the truth behind my absence I am going to do what I always do when life hits me hard with a lesson; I’m going to share it with you all so that when you meet the bitch called fear, you can recognize it for what it is… False Evidence Appearing Real.

No joke, that’s literally all it is… Some people call it our ego (aka fearful thought) and it literally comes out of no where when we are on the right path trying to scare us back into feeling powerless. But the truth is that when we feel powerless we are feeding the fear instead of using our creative connection to find a better path.

Fear is the sneaky bitch you knew in high school that never really liked you, but for some reason you felt like you should be friends with her… It’s something that seems so damn important, but it’s actually all hype. Like literally, your body goes into fight or flight just thinking about it, and your body responds to it like a wolf in the woods paying extra close attention to it because we are afraid.

BUT IT’S ALL BULL SHIT!!! Being that it’s taken me this long to write to you guys, I promise you that taking action can be as hard or as easy as you make it. Writing this right now is easy because I took my power back. But a week or two weeks ago when my intuition told me to just get back at it and forgive myself, I chose to stay in fear a little while longer.
why? Because I wasn’t ready. I was choosing to ignore that feeling a little while longer because I am kinda embarrassed. Embarrassed that it took me this long address my fear. Embarrassed that I ignored it at all costs while I was pregnant. Hell, I was embarrassed that I paid for a website that I didn’t use for 6 months! But, what I do know is how I woke up, and how I can help you make a change when you feel that fear is leading and you are dragging your feet on fixing it.

1.) You have to be willing to look at your fear, and decide that you are done taking it’s shit! Fear ain’t real, so you are safe to do whatever your heart desires.

2.) Forgive yourself for feeling (Fill in the blank here)
As I described above, I felt embarrassed that I was afraid. That embarrassment was caused by the fear which strengthened the choke hold it had on me.

3.) Take a breath and take action!
Remember how I said fear sends you into fight or flight? Well the best way to combat that is to BREATH. So simple, yet so powerful. Once you feel the power of your breath, taking action is 10 times easier.

***NOW, if you read that and thought, “that’s too simple.” You’re right. For you it will be. So instead of just taking a breath, think back to a time where you felt fearless. What made you feel that way? Now, go do that thing that always makes you feel good, and then go take action.

You see, there’s never going to be a one size fits all. For me it’s exercise! I like to get my ass kicked by a good workout, and after the fatigue wears off, I feel like I can conquer the world. So when I have a regular workout regimen I feel 1000 times better, and I get more stuff done.

4.) Get thankful that you won against fear again, and keep a journal of all of your successes! That will come in handy for when you feel small or need some help blowing fear out of the water because you’ll have EVIDENCE of what is real, your greatness.

So what makes you feel fearless?
What have you been letting fear best you at?
Will you dump the chump and make a move anyway?

Drop your comment down below and let me know what’s going down and how I can help!

As always,
XOXO April Kamara

Meditation Part 2

This week is all about accepting and feeling your emotions.

If you are anything like me when I first started, you are finding yourself more emotionally irritable when you don’t meditate. I used to notice this on the days I forgot or wasn’t managing my time well. I would instantly realize my practice was needed and I cultivated this method to help me deal with the immediate stressor and center back into a really awesome meditation.

So you will begin by following all of the steps from last week

Set an alarm for your allotted time

Sit up straight and notice how your body feels

Begin to focus on your breathing. Slowing it down and deepening each breath.

Release the tension with each exhale

Now allow whatever emotion you are feeling right now to wash over you.

No matter if it is good or bad.

Just notice that feeling.

As you breath in say the emotion in your head

as you breath out say an emotion that you wish to feel

and continue this pattern until you have fully honored that feeling and there is room for the feeling you wish to have take place.

Now allow this feeling to wash over you and notice how it makes you feel.

Notice everything about this feeling as you slowly breath in and out.

Continue this for your remaining time.


This is one of my favorites because it allows you to accept all of your emotions for what they are, and is the quickest way to releasing them instead of holding onto them.

Got a question or want to share your experience? Comment below! And share this with someone who is looking into finding a practice of their own.

Meditation Made Easy Week 1

Meditation can seem almost too simple to someone who has never tried it before. The affects rarely happen instantaneously and the results that most people desire, take place after almost weeks of a continued consistent practice.

However, I am determined to break down a process that will instantly give you a taste of what meditation can do for you as soon as you try it.

This blog is all about how to get started, and how to get the most out of every second you take for yourself. Think about meditation as your daily charge. You have to charge your phone when the battery is low, and just like our phones, we too can run ourselves too thin. This is a way to step back into your loving self after any stressful situation.

Step 1: Pick a time of day that you commit to practicing at least 5 minutes. Now go into your reminders and set a daily reminder at that time to practice. The easiest time for me is in the morning.

Before we go further, get your phone out and set a timer for 1-5 minutes depending on your comfort level, and make sure the alarm is soft and soothing.

Step 2: Notice your posture and while you meditate, keep a straight back, shoulders back, and drop your chin so that the crown of your head is pointing directly up. This alignment will help the most if your hips are in line with your spine and neck.

Adjust accordingly the longer you sit. I find myself relaxing after a while and if I’m in the zone, I stay put. If I get too far out of alignment and it affects my concentration I fix my posture slowly with my inhale.

Step 3: Place your hands on your legs and face them up, to receive all of the energy and love that surrounds you in every moment.

Step 4: Concentrate on your breath. Focus on the feeling in your body as you breath in and out. Consciously slow your breathing at a comfortable pace the remaining time.

Think of yourself breathing like a baby. Use your stomach muscles to breath longer and deeper. As you breath in your stomach will expand. Allow it, and if your pants are too constricting do whatever is most comfortable to you to alleviate that constriction.

As you breath out release any tension that you felt in your body on the inhale as you exhale. Be present in your body and all of the feelings that come to your awareness. Try not to think about these feelings as much as you are aware of them without judgement, without thought.

This can be the part that we are so resistant to because our mind thinks so rapidly that it’s almost as if we aren’t in control. This is just a misunderstanding. We are in control, and in order to feel the peace of the relaxation, we must give that focus to our breath and our body.

Continue this method for the time you allot twice a day for  a week. Allow anything that comes up or happens during this time to be apart of your meditation. No matter if a horn honked, your phone rang, or something disturbing came to mind. It is all a part of your time. Nothing can disturb or hurt you. You are in control. This is your time and your practice.

Next week I will add on to the practice keeping these principals while incorporating an extra step to enhance your technique and build upon your practice.

What I shared with you this week is the bones of meditation. The following weeks will be additives that you can choose to skip or choose to incorporate.



Problems Getting Started? How To Revise Your Focus


But Seriously…

How do you do what makes you happy, if what you have to do to get there is what is tripping you up?
I used to have this problem ALL OF THE TIME!!
What I wasn’t aware of at the time was that our minds are pure magic!

Meaning: The power of a choice that is inspired by excitement for what is to come, literally propels your work or action forward, and life is EXCITING!

The catch is our minds aren’t always set on what we want. We were born to assess risk in order to survive, and our survival mind generates fear. This is where the phrase, “First world problems” causes the most damage.

Our survival brain is the wrecker of our success. What causes fear and hesitation, takes the place of intuition and synchronicity when unchecked.

Trust me I was there! It’s the most frustrating thing when you are in the midst of it alone and confused.

Steps to Revise Your Focus:

1.) Ask whatever you believe in to show you what isn’t in alignment with what you want. “What is holding me back?”

2.) Take a step back and ask yourself if any thoughts of doubt, fear, or negativity towards what you want have creeped in.

3.) No matter what the thought, accept it as a thought that is in need of a change, and think about an empowering alternative.

4.) Write that ISH down and say it out loud! You have to get stern with yourself, and know the power that these little “seemingly insignificant” thoughts have over you, and hyper focus on the empowering statement you made.

5.) Always remember that negative thoughts unchecked can lead to fears. HOWEVER, positive thoughts are SO MUCH MORE POWERFUL! So all of the attention and focus you put into this new thought is literally 100x’s more affective than that negative thought.

6.) Put your faith into the good, and look past that baggage. Emotions are based on our thoughts. Every time you say that thought, think that thought and visualize that thought, an emotional charge is building, and that is where the change comes into play.

7.) Build and build upon this thought, and return to your action plan. Take that inspired action that I talked about. See if it’s easier and notice how real that empowering thought is to you.

Now, go off and do good things! Things that make you happy, and know that when what you want isn’t enough to make you run towards it, this work will propel you forward.

Know someone who is struggling with planning or going after what they want? Send them to this page! Do these steps with them. We are inspired by the connections we make while breaking through our own doubts just as much as doing the work.

If you feel like the emotion behind what’s holding you back is TOO MUCH to just mentally over come, check out my EFT video. It’s the PERFECT way to address the emotion as you desensitize yourself to the feelings behind your thoughts.

Follow Your Heart and Help Will Show Up


Have you ever had a killer idea, that really lights you up… until you start to over think it, freak yourself out, and your plan comes to a screeching halt? Yep, that was ME! And I’m not proud of it, but I won’t hide from it either.

You see, I was listening to my heart and everything seemed to be perfect in that instant. I was feeling the energy of this website helping all of you amazing people, and just really stepping into who I am meant to be.

Here are a few of the people who have taught me the most in the last year:

Gabby Bernstein is my soul sister!! I love all of her messages. I love her branding. I love how she is openly so spiritual, while staying true to herself, her struggle, and how she has transformed her inner struggle into a life long story of how love conquers all, always.

Amanda Frances makes me want to over come every single limiting belief that I have, shoot for the galaxies far far away, and just make fucking HISTORY! She is an amazing young spiritual entrepreneur who has a huge heart, with funky head bands, and a brand that literally captivates my hearts desires.

Chalene Johnson fills my body with energy and makes me want to simplify my life using her effortless techniques. She is fun and so humble.

Rachel Luna gives me clear cut strategies to making things happen, while sharing her heart, soul, and mind blowing experiences in a way that is so unique and carries a lesson from the depth of her heart!


After reading and listening to these awesome leaders, I started to really resinate with their stories. When I was thinking about what to share I would think of how I loved their content and I wanted to share similar content, but part of me felt like I wasn’t being authentic. I started to wonder if I was just following the crowd, and I really don’t like to feel like a follower.

This fear was killing my website momentum, and over all it was killing my drive to continue on this journey. YIKES!!!

Well, luckily the cosmos were on my side, and one day I was on Facebook while Amanda Frances was hosting a Facebook Live chat about having a foundation of knowing that I was worthy to be a coach, and that I have an very important role to play in bettering the world. (I’m stating it in such a personal tense because it literally felt like she was talking to ME.) She opens her chat up to questions, and since this question had been plaguing me I jumped on that chat and asked her what to do!! I told her how stuck I was because I felt like I wanted to share things I had learned from her and others, but I didn’t want to lose all of my authenticity.

AMANDA to the rescue! She knew exactly what I was talking about, and she simply told me that we are all learning from one another, and teaching based on what we learn. The key is to stay true to our nature, be honest about who inspires us, and to share my interpretation of what I learn and to listen to the wisdom within my heart that comes out while I’m sharing these things.

It felt like the heavens were on my side, and I literally felt free to share it ALL, in less than a 5 minutes chat through Facebook live! And I’m so grateful!

I share this with all of you to say this:

We are all learning from the people that we look up to and aspire to be. When you feel like you are losing your voice and using theirs, take a step back and put your own swag in it. Think of a what their message means to you, and listen to the wisdom within you that shares your perspective in your own words and lingo.

PLUS, little did I know, the fear of copying their voices was a direct reflection of how I was rejecting my own. It’s HARD to do the work on ourselves. We have to get REALLY HONEST!! Which can lead us to a slew of emotions that we may not be ready for. The beauty in the universe is that it is always reflecting back to us what we are feeling on the inside. I wasn’t ready to see for myself what was happening, so the universe got my ass on Facebook at the same time Amanda (which was in Greece) was doing a Facebook live! She was my mirror. I was blessed with the answer.

There is no limit on what miracles can happen when we are following our hearts.

Also, you should never be afraid to praise the teachers that have taught you. Shout them out! They may have taught you something, but they also spoke to your soul, and reminded you of something that you have went through. So talk about that! Be up front and honest about who inspired that idea, and put your own twist on it.

I hope this story has helped you to identify with who I am as a person, and that it helped you to step up and put your spin on something that spoke to you!

Now I’m not saying take all of your content from others, but don’t be afraid to share what you learn in your own words. We all have way more credit to give then we do at times, and that’s okay! We kind of all have an inner knowing that we are connected, but I’ll share my views on that in a later blog… Until next time!


As You Think, You Create

As you think, you create. What are you thinking?
As you think, you create. What are you thinking?

Has it ever occurred to you, that something as innocent as a question could alter an outcome of a situation?

If you found this page, a lot of philosophical questions probably cross your mind all of the time, so this is one of many of those questions that, if answered honestly, can either empower or scare you to death.

The idea of such small parts of a vast and unexplainable universe being manipulated and almost playfully tuned into our thoughts is scoffed at by many people. Heck I used to brush it off as wishful thinking back in my teenage years.

There would be times where I was in the flow with the universe and things were working out exactly as i planned, but dear lord, when something was against me, it felt like everything was against me, and I wasn’t about to take responsibility for that! So I used what worked for me, and I discarded the rest.

I remember being at a basket ball game with my uncles who were coaching my team. I was watching and would make rules up in my head as the game started. I would close my eyes if the other team shot the basket, so that they would miss. Then when my team shot the basket I would watch that ball from their hands to the goal and they would make it. I played this game almost the entire game, and I would switch it up to be sure that either way I was right. IT WAS SO FUN!

Then the doubt and fear creeped in, saying things like, “You know that if you keep this up, when you grow up you’ll be corrupt, and do bad things with it. You shouldn’t be able to do this. You can’t handle this responsibility.”

I remember this as if it were yesterday. After those thoughts creeped in, everything went backwards. When I watched the ball go from the hand to basket they would miss. Then when I closed my eyes, they would make the basket.

Needless to say I was in the 6th grade having a miniature crisis all alone in my head trying to figure out if I could keep this knowledge or if I wanted to pretend nothing ever happened.

It’s easier to think of things as just happening “to us” because we don’t want to be responsible for the bad things. Yet it is in our minds, consciously or unconsciously that we ask for what we want by the law of attraction.

We are the most powerful things on this planet, and we would be wise to look deep within ourselves to harness the powers that we have in bringing what we WANT into our lives and learning the necessary lessons of the Law:

1.) Emotions are our most powerful attracting power. Use the most powerful POSITIVE ones to your benefit!!!

“The Secret” says that if we are feeling bad, we know that we are thinking bad thoughts, and it’s a siren going off saying to switch our thinking.

2.) Listening and adhering honestly and thoughtfully to our emotions is the quickest way to navigate what we are thinking to what we want.

3.) Set powerful, positive intentions every second of everyday.

4.) The universe hears ANYTHING YOU SAY minus the No’s or I don’t wants… Talking about what you don’t want gets you more of it.

5.) Ask for what you want! Talk about it and think about it. Making the intention to suspend all doubt while doing it.

6.) Have FUN with it!!!

This is YOUR life and I’m stoked to say you have everything you need to make it all that you want!

Stay tuned for the 411 on how to deal with the negative thoughts as well as the fears holding you back. Until Next week 😉