Nothing is Wrong with You


The BEST THING that I ever realized was, “THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH ME.”

Yes, I make mistakes.

Yes, I confuse my guidance with my ego at times.

Yes, I feel things that others don’t…. (Luckily now I know that is a gift, not a curse)

Yes, I have to focus on my own desires, feelings, and truths to keep from falling in line with the goals and roles others have for me.

Yes, there are negative aspects of myself that I hide and portray as, OK, when they are not.

But the thing is… These are NOT flaws. Nothing is wrong with me.

These are lessons.

They hold value.

They help me find my center by taking me to the far left and far right.

They make me uncomfortable.

They push my limits.

They show me what I want, and what I don’t want.

With judgement, these events make me wrong. They make me unstable and unlovable (which is SO NOT the truth). They make me less than others.

But the truth is: So long as I view myself and the contrasts of myself with judgement, I will continue to polarize each aspect of myself.

I will continue to judge and betray my own trust.

I will continue to run from one extreme to the next.


It is my job to identify where my extremes come from, and how to find peace with each side of myself.

I must realize that there is nothing wrong with me. That everything that I see as WRONG, is one step away from the clarity and support I have been missing.

The first step is Acknowledgement with acceptance.

I must first look at myself with acceptance, and acknowledge the facts without judgement. This breeds clarity and it fosters understanding.

**Be sure not to confuse understanding with supporting a victims mindset or “This is just how things are” mentality.

Understanding is asking why with clarity.

The second step is Forgiveness. 

Forgiving yourself and everyone involved. This is also known as surrendering what cannot be changed or seen differently by you.

The last step is Total Clarity.

Looking at what is, without judgement and with total clarity. Then producing a plan to correct the future misunderstandings in the future.


Automatic Writing

Have you ever written something and felt like the words flew out with ease and grace? Almost like you were being consumed by something full of love and your writing was almost channelled instead of your own words?

These feelings for me have happened continuously. I feel as if what I’m saying needs to be said, but I have an authority about the message that I cannot describe. Some would call me “confident” for a girl. But the truth was I was channeling form something higher and more in charge than I was without knowing what I was doing.

Well, it makes sense now that I know I am a medium with all 4 claires opening up rapidly and effortlessly, that the first way I was told to contact spirit or communication with spirit was to start writing….

Automatic writing came naturally, and I was able to just flow. Today I had a message from my guides, and I LOVE to share them.

There is just something special about sharing the guidance I am given. These messages are universal, yet personal… But there is something to be said about the knowing that many people are meant to hear this… so here goes nothing…

My Automatic Writing from Spirit:

Automatic writing

There is nothing to fear.

Just keep the faith and move forward.

We are with you ever step of the way. I promise.

Lately there has ben a lot of frustration and divided attention.


Stay at one thing. Make a plan and trust that we are making the moves with you and for you.

May you have a light and much love in everyday.

How do I know who I am talking to?( ME)

Trust the Knowings you are given.

Remember the ego answers first and fast. Sit in stillness and use discernment more than you have.

Get aligned with what you want and truly know and expect it to happen. Your card of the magician was spot on and will get you farther than you can imagine.

(I’ll add the tarot meaning here)

This was total coincidence that someone in a group sent me after posting my photo.

“The Magician is ready to manifest by aligning spirit and matter. He has all the tools he needs before him (and within him) ready to be activated. You have the ability to transform whatever you choose, step into your power, focus on your projects and capitalize on your personal strengths.”

Your work is to dig as deep as your clients and stay as committed as they are.

Losing your focus is dividing ur attracting power. You attract over time because there are magnets that never leave, and your desires align the most with those that you believe you can achieve.

Your job now is to ground in the knowing of what we have planned for you.

Your ego will go wild. Your job is to address it and let us bless you for the work and process you make.

Tell the people about asking for gifts along with their healing. Healing brings about miracles and the perfect time to ask is when you are on the journey to releasing fear.

That’s why gabby (Gabby Bernstein) is so successful. She continually looks at her fear with love instead of fear, which allows her to go deep with us leading the way; healing and giving her presents (Manifested desires) for all of the bravery she exudes.

You too can do this, and have with your client. Your fear is about getting lost. But aren’t you already lost by allowing your fear to drag you out of your desires and divide your attention due to a fear you are not wanting to face?



DOn’t cringe or tighten. We are able to flow where you allow energy to go.

Our flow is healing and all fulfilling. Your fear is constricted and protected by your control.

release control release control release control.


And that’s the end.

Automatic writing is my way of connecting to my guides, and receiving messages from them. Just one way of many that Spirit speaks through us.


Until Next time,


I. AM. A. MEDIUM. and You Might Be Too!

Okay, so I’m going to get really vulnerable and honest here.  About a month ago, I was led to take a Medium’s intuitive development course.

Slowly I had been realizing, while coaching my clients, I was intuitively feeling their feelings in MY BODY. I would get knowings of what they were thinking and going through without “knowing” how I got the information, or even if I was right.

The sessions would go good, but afterwards I was left feeling drained and still attached to their feelings and emotions. I was NOT ready for more clients until I learned how to manage this, first.

So i signed up for the course. It was affordable, and easy to follow. I was excited to get started and see which Claire’s I possessed. I found out that my biggest 3 were Clairsentient(Clear feeling), clairaudient(Clear hearing) and claircognizant(Clear knowing).

They were literally, 9 out of 10 and 8 out of 10 on the rest. I was suspicious of my answers. These answers said that I am almost 100% on all areas… Am I making this up? I would doubt myself… But I kept on trying to ease into the course.

The first exercise I did was to sense the energy of my own spirit guides. I did. But I also felt and HEARD something else. Something that was more of a zap, and startled me. I told it that I only work with my spirit team and those in the light, so the spirit backed off, and I instantly emailed the lady whose course I took! (PS if you want a link to the course I’ll add it below!)

I told her my experience, and instantly she told me there was so much to talk about, and her sessions were running out if I wanted direct 1:1 time. So I took the plunge. I was in deep, and had a lot of questions with high sensitivity. Plus i was kinda scared shitless if I’m going to be honest.

I kept feeling like, “This can’t be real… I’m not psychic. There’s no fuckin way I’m a medium. I would have known right?!?”

<ACTUALLY, WRONG. Most mediums find out that they are a medium later on in life… I found this out through Ashley Strong’s blog, while I was frantically researching until our first call.

( I’ll attach her website at the bottom, I promise. I’ve been secretly fan-girl-stocking her for almost 3 years. She’s AWESOME!)>

SO, I found myself holding off on the exercises due to the holidays and hustle and bustle of a new mom life,  but a few nights before we talked I settled back into a meditation she recommended, and found myself connecting with a long lost relative! They scared the heeby-geeby’s out of me by KNOCKING as soon as i closed my eyes and took a few deep breaths at my childhood home.

That was when I knew, THERE’S NO WAY I COULD HAVE MADE THIS ISHH UP! I was intuitively led to use a crystal necklace I had for some answers…

This was my first week of practice you guys! I thought I was supposed to be serenely meditating and halfway connecting to spirit (Making it up, because there’s no way I’m psychic). Not hearing knocks and listening to my intuition less than a minute after BREATHING… 

So initially, I was SCARED. This stuff is NO JOKE, and the last thing I wanted was to be fooled by something that means me or my childhood home no good. So I set my boundaries AGAIN, and the knocks came again.

Knowing that I AM IN CHARGE, and spirit is just here to help and guide me… This HAD to be someone I knew… and deep down I knew it was a loving, caring and DEEPLY missed person all along. 

I felt the love as soon as I asked if it was the person I was thinking of (You have probably done this TOO, if you have a feeling or remembrance of someone who has passed randomly, and feel as if they are with you)

When I asked… My entire body felt warm, tingly and embraced in energy. To me, that was my family member’s way of saying “Yes, I love you.”

But sure enough, my ego got the best of me. I started to freak…aka I googled the shit out of hearing knocks on the wall, and all i got was FEAR, DANGER, FEAR, DANGER. BLAH BLAH BLAH….

I instantly shut down. I waited until talking to my coach, and she clarified the person. What they had to say, and even helped me to remember them as a guide when I need them. Instantly the fear melted away, and I knew I was safe again.

There’s SO MUCH MORE… But I don’t want to bombard you.

The major lessons I have learned are this:

  1. If you think you need to do something, and it keeps popping up… Just DO IT!
  2. The ego (fear) comes instantly to derail us, but a knowing or spiritual guidance will show up almost everywhere, consistently and quietly.
  3. There is a TEAM of spiritual guides waiting for you to acknowledge them. You are literally NEVER alone.
  4. I realized that a majority of my problems were due to thinking I had to do everything, and feeling overwhelmed.
  5. Now I know that my magical thinking (INTENTIONS) can literally bring out miracles due to my trust in the team that I was BORN WITH.
  6. I also do this with my clients! I bring their Spiritual Team to work with My spiritual team, so that together I am given the guidance they need, and I bring forth the desires they actually want.

Life has never looked more prosperous! More of my story is soon to come… Stay Tuned.

April Kamara


How I Handled My Ego, and Got a KICK-ASS Coach

So I ALMOST didn’t hire a coach because she triggered me.

And truly she did nothing intentional, it was all on me.

I had this insane idea that she didn’t like me and we wouldn’t work well together…

Because she had an amazing offer I wanted to purchase, and my ego played me for about 2 weeks.

I was excited about her offer, and asked for help.

I was given so many signs that she was the one. The coach that could help me. The coach that would call me on my b.s. and help me create massive shifts in my life and business.

But then she didn’t respond to a message I sent her.

I thought she’ll get back to me when she could. Crickets

Then she hosted a fb live and didn’t really seem too eager to respond to my comments. (The fuck? I’m awkward as hell on fb live as it is… I can’t even look at what people comment until AFTER I speak)

SO this tiny misunderstanding told me she wasn’t interested in working with me, and that I should probably just stop looking.

But something wasn’t right. It’s 5 days before the course starts and I’m feeling a little conflicted.

I wanted her offer but have never invested this much $ in myself before in my life at one time.

I believe my wedding ring was cheaper than her price.

But when I asked for guidance all I could think about was her offer. How amazing her free content was and how much better it would be for 1 on 1 attention and focus…

SO I had to choose.

Listen to a crazy notion that was based on retarded logic and fueled by littleness

Or go after EXACTLY what I want because I know I’m capable, I know I’m worth it,and she can help me move fucking mountains?!

I chose to move mountains.

I chose to boldy believe that the funds would come.

That the messages were true.

That i was safe to take a risk.

That i KNOW I can make the money and much much more just by activating the part of me that is willing to take a step of faith.

Despite the fact that the money hasn’t arrived yet.

Despite the fact that I’m a stay at home mom who just started coaching.

Despite the fact that she works with people that earn tens of thousands of dollars a month, and I’m only two weeks into my first month charging.

And in the moment that I decided NONE of those ideas or facts mattered.

I didn’t think about them, I’m just mentioning them to make a point.

I chose to focus on the feeling of knowing that I was capable.

The feeling of appreciation for all she has taught me.

The gratitude and excitement of my first call with her.

The 3 clients that I know I will sign today. All because I decided.
All because I did the work.
All because I know I’m enough and I am capable.
All because I trust the law of attraction and the universe.

SO if I’m triggering you. GOOD! We have work to do.

Go sign up for a free session! Lets get to work.

Take Your Magnifying Glass and Focus on Your Desires

Think back to when you were a kid taking a magnifying glass outside. When the rays of the sun hit the magnifying glass, it created enough heat to start a fire.

Now apply that to the power of your focus. You are the sun, constantly emitting energy. You can choose to focus on the past, present or future.

However, you forget about the power you hold. You forget that your thoughts are being amplified by a magnifying glass, and you lose your power to create what you want because you get lost in the stories of the past.

Now is the time to remember. Now is the time to heal and process those stories that keep you stuck.

Don’t worry, You won’t have to do it alone. I can help you.

It may be hard to notice when you leave the present and revert back to the past, or freak out about the future, but that’s what I am here for.

I’m here to remind you of your power. I’m here to assure you that no matter how old or persuasive your story may be, change is one step away.

I’m here so you don’t have to do it alone. To be the gentle witness to your patterns, always guiding you back to truth.

I am YOUR Life Coach.

Confident or Bougie?

I was talking to one of my friends recently, and when I mentioned how strong her accent was, she said I was too “bougie” to keep my accent because I traveled the world. I’m from Arkansas, so the accent was STRONG.
She was totally kidding, but when she said that my initial response was, “Girl I decided I was going to travel the world a LONG time ago.” I used to tell my mom I would travel the world and live in California. Now guess where I live? San Diego

I could tell she felt that what I said sounded, “Bougie” but that decision led me into the military at 18, sent my ass to Spain at 19 and led to me finding the love of my life by the age of 21.

Now, I’m aware many  people won’t agree with me. I’ve been described as “Very confident for a GIRL” before, and I’m okay with that.

I decided a long time ago to love myself, and the fact that I’m a GIRL.

I truly believe that women can be so perceptive to the desires of those around them, that we lose our desires in the process. We play small so our husbands don’t feel unequal. We take losses so that other people in the group can be happy. We give up our lives for our children.

By doing this we subconsciously tell a story of how someone has to win and someone has to lose without realizing it.

But let me ask you this, do you think that living like that is sustainable? Do you think continuing on that path will bring you true happiness? Let me tell you something…

ANYONE who wants something out of life, need only express their desires clearly and unapologetically to get what they want.

It may not appear before your eyes, but with faith it will show up exactly the way you believe it should.

So no, I won’t apologize for accidentally setting my life up in a fun and exciting way, and I want to show women everywhere that they can be as confident, inspiring, exciting, and full of life that they want.

Everyone can win.

There is more than enough resources to give us what we want.

Being a “GIRL” has power, and CONFIDENCE is key.


Let Emotions Run Through You

I don’t know why it’s so hard to manage emotions, but I think that it has to do with our misunderstanding of their purpose.

Emotions often get labeled Good or Bad, and I think that brings back memories of our childhood.

Times where you were teased for being upset
Times that your parents wanted you to be happy

And as an innocent child, we drew the conclusion that bad emotions were unworthy of our time, and should be avoided.

This conclusion stuck with many of us, and now it’s time to take a good look at that conclusion, and say thank you, I love you, good bye. You no longer serve me.

Because in all actuality, ALL emotions can be tapped into if we allow them to run their course.

What does that mean?

Different things for different people, honestly. What I have observed is this:
*Some people prefer to talk about their emotions in an honest way without fear of rejection.
*Some people prefer to step away from an emotion for a while, and walk or do something active, and internally revisit and interpret what happened.
*Some people prefer to journal and process their emotions.
*Some people meditate to release emotions that built up somewhere in the body at different times of the day.
*Some people are really good at rationalizing and diffusing emotions on the spot.

Which ways work best for you, and how can these ways help you better process your emotions?

Change Your Story

Have you ever found yourself telling the same story over and over again? Does that story follow a reason why you do or do not do something?

I would, but (insert story here)….

We ALL do it! As humans we like stories because they give meaning to a problem or solution.

However, sometimes these stories are what hold us back from feeling good about ourselves or making moves that are in our best interest.

Follow these tips to find your story, change it, and create a new one.

1.) What have you been wanting to do? Like really wanting to do… But don’t because (this is usually your story or an emotion that sends you running in another direction)

2.) If you could insert a story word for word above. Skip this step. If not, ask yourself “What would I have to believe in order to feel that way?” there is your story.

3.) Ask yourself, the universe, god (whoever floats your boat) to help you see things differently in 24 hours.

4.) Take a break, go to sleep, and revisit the idea in the morning, or whenever it comes back up for you and see what new ideas or possibilities make their way to you.

5.) Make a mantra that claims the truth will be divinely given and made known to you. You can even quote that, if you aren’t used to making mantras.

These steps seem pretty easy, and I know that the idea is simple, but the action takes guts..

So if you are looking at this wanting to take action, but stuck in your head take a couple of deep breaths…

Slow and easy. Clear your mind and body of the fear, then intend to do your best with your highest intention of truth.

I promise you it’s worth it. I promise you, the answers are waiting for you to ask. I promise, you will be SO excited to see what comes next…

Play around with Manifesting

Have you ever tried to speak something into existence?

Has it worked?

WELL, as long as you have already clearly decided what you want, there are a few things that always seem to be helpful.

1.) Talking about how I want things to be instead of how I don’t want them to be.
2.)When I speak about how easily everything is happening for me.
3.) When I speak about these things with joy, and celebrate after.
4.) Talking about it with other people. Especially my MOM! I know my mom is 100% on my team, so her energy always matches mine when I say it.

So… Give it a try! Start small and see what all you can manifest with these 4 simple steps

Why Do I Need a Life Coach?

Many people have never heard of a life coach, and if you have, you’ve probably wondered “What do I need a life coach for?”

And that’s normal. You see, many people have areas of their life that trip them up. They want help, but they aren’t sick.

They just want to live a more fulfilling life.

Listed below are a few experiences that I can help you work through.

Do you feel ambitious, but lack focus?

Have you set HELLA high achievements for yourself, like SEVERAL high achievements?

Did you do this because in the past, you’ve accomplished some pretty awesome shit!?

But somewhere along the way, you started setting goals and not accomplishing them.

Did you started setting A LOT of goals for yourself, and never quite kept up with them.

Did losing sight of your goals discourage you from setting more?

Did you go from feeling invincible to invisible,? You’d probably rather stay that way to avoid confronting things that make you uncomfortable.

All of this failure has you down on yourself.

You doubt yourself internally more than ever.

The doubts are becoming louder than your desires.

You have always been the strong one, so you don’t know how to ask for help.

You find yourself “hating” on people around you that are succeeding, and that bugs you.

It pains you to know that you aren’t lifting people up like you used to.

Is anyone going to be able to understand why a perfectly capable person is all over the place, and frustrated AF?

It’s easier to jus sit back and stay in the comfort zone of avoidance.

Have you tried reading every sort of personal development book there is, but you wonder when are you ever going to feel “Good enough”

Do you catch yourself wondering if you’re the bait those books are making money off of because you know those people didn’t spend every waking hour reading someone else’s writing.

They had to write a promote a book too!

And that’s what you REALLY want.

You want to be the person helping other people.

You want to share your personal experiences and triumphs because you see the value in honest transparency.

You. Need. Me.

I knew from a very young age that amazing people need help getting out of their own way.

I used to say that I want to be like Oprah Winfrey when I get older because of her voice, her truth, and her ability to rise up.

I’m not afraid to say what I’m thinking or feeling… But there were times when I was scared shitless!

I’ve been where you are.

I’ve been the person watching from the sidelines, AND I’ve been the person pursuing a dream that didn’t come true.

I’ve held my tongue, and I’ve shouted from the roof tops.

I know what it’s like to have a burning desire as a child, just to have it trampled on by your own fears, doubts and insecurities.

I’ve changed, and so can you. I’ve grown and so can you. I know how you feel, and it’s my mission to help you find your way back to the truth.

What are you waiting for? I’m offering FREE coaching sessions this month.

Just. For. You.

Sign up, So we can show out.

Xoxo April Kamara