Utilize Your Spirit Team

Isn’t that the most beautiful frame? hahaha!

But really… Are you taking advantage of ALL the energy you have at your disposal?

Are you praying? (To whoever you believe in)

How are you praying? Are you praying out of fear or doubt? Or are you sending your praise and high vibes as well?


Watch this video to see how to utilize all of the energy we have at our disposal.

Holding the Vision PT2

Holding the Vision takes BACK GROUND WORK, love.

There is a reason you haven’t gotten there yet, and this is BIG!

Go follow my channel and get to work!

The vision is our birth right!

But wait…

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The Veil is Thin AF!

Yep! I said it… The veil is THIN AF, and only getting thinner. Have you noticed??

You might be thinking something like:

What is the veil?

What does a “thin Veil” mean and why is it important??

Think of the veil as a dense force that divides the spiritual world from the physical world.

A few years ago, we were all “Keeping up with the Kardashians” and now we’re all woo-this, and woo-that because the Veil is thinning.

More and more [Womb]men and Men are awakening to the mystical part of life. The spiritual world is less illusive and starting to smack most of us in the face. We are all feeling more witchy/psychic/tuned-in and noticing it.

There is still a lingering fear of “Religion” that some people hold. I know that when my gifts first appeared, I was scared AF! I kept thinking…

Am I going to Hell?

Have I completely lost my mind?

Who the F am I contacting?

I heard someone in my hallway while I was meditating and smudged my house like a mofo. Is it a demon, a ghost, some lost soul that wants to haunt me? NOPE. It was my Uncle David. He had been waiting for someone to open up, and I was the first one he knew.

I was lucky enough to have an awesome medium as my guide to help me identify him. She introduced me to him, and told me that he had some messages for me to give…


The thinning of the veil is important because since I have discovered my gifts I know many more people will too. Collectively we are starting to remember our truth, despite being raised to deny our truth.

Doing this alone is scary and confusing.

You need a guidance system. Someone to help you develop your gifts and navigate the fears and misconceptions you may have.

Ultimately, we all know that we are in control of our reality through our minds. The same goes with spirit, but you don’t want to do this alone.

Ask to speak to your guides.

Ask to be lead to communities that are supportive of your gifts, and rise the F up!

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What is Shadow Work?


Do you follow the phases of the moon? I just started, and it’s really been so insightful for me.

But before I knew that the moon did more than just cause the waves of the ocean… I would go through periods of highs and lows.. Never really grasping why.

I would blame my “period”, but deep down I felt so lost and almost out of control about one week out of the month.

As a teenager I would resist this side of myself, and get down right mean! I would internally beat myself up for being so freaking unreasonable.
“Why am I so emotional? So anxious? So Depressed?”

Heck even my parents felt like they were walking on egg shells.

Disclaimer: I’m a gemini. Yes, I know we get a bad reputation, but I’ll be honest and say I do tend to go unconventional, and confuse the F outta most people… So a part of me thought that my dual personalities were just a curse of my “sign”.

It wasn’t until I read into the phases of the moon and their correlation to pretty much everything… “Duh, April… The moon moves the OCEAN. Aka, WATER…. You’re like 90% Water, boo.”


Quick break for Moon Knowledge: There are 4 phases of the moon



New Moon: The beginning of the moon cycle. A time to set intentions that you want to build upon as the moon begins to grow.

Waxing Moon: Is shown as the Crescent above. I wouldn’t make a curse… I just LOVE this photo for all of it’s quirkiness. This is when the inspired action comes, and things begin to flow.

*It’s also a good time to notice any duality in your thoughts… Think of your thoughts as spells, and recognize and shift any incongruent thoughts. As the moon gets bigger, your attracting power becomes stronger.

Full Moon: When all of those thoughts come full circle. Some people get crazy, others get exactly what they have planned and nurtured. Either way, we all asked for what we got in some way shape or form.

Waining Moon: When the moon begins it’s final phase, it is time for SHADOW WORK…

What is shadow work? How does it correspond to the moon phase?

Shadow work is what we deal with after the Full moon due to EVERYTHING being brought to the surface. The good and the bad (or Shadow).

There are really no good or bad parts of ourselves, only the parts that we hide, judge, or see as “not helpful”.

You know, the part of you that snaps, acts out, and/or defaults into a bad habit, that sends you into crazy town? Why do our shadows seem to have a mind and nervous system of their own?

Think of it this way: Your shadow is result of any ignored, judged or dualistic thinking that was left to grow in the subconscious mind. The moon brought ALL of your thoughts to the surface… and the ones you resist… Persist.

This is the perfect time for introspection, journaling and growth.

What to do when your shadow gets the best of you:

1. Your shadow is only so feisty because you are allowing her to go along and plant these nasty thoughts, that take root and grow like a weed in your subconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind is the engine room of your mind. It follows every direction your thoughts give.

The subconscious cannot perceive truth from lies.
It has NO control or discerning power. It literally listens to every single thought of your’s (and your shadow’s) and it attracts everything allowed to sink down without any correction from the conscious mind (You, the decision maker).

2. You have nothing to fear… Negative thoughts are so low vibration that the smallest hopeful thought can disempower a thousand negative thoughts, and any type of traction they may have made.

3. Shadow work is the art of witnessing your shadow without judgement. When you do this you allow your shadow to show you hidden fears, beliefs and thoughts that may have been slipping passed your conscious mind the previous month.

Once you witness your shadow, do some journaling, emoting, and just get ALL UP IN THAT SHADOW.

If it’s emotionally tolling, check out my EFT course to help you heal and release emotional blocks that may have formed, in the link below. I’ll even give you a FREE lesson on self-confidence.

I know. It sounds counter productive, but I promise the next day you will go into that journal with a totally different set of clarity.

If you want some help with Journaling, check out my Journaling Course, attached below.

4. SURRENDER: Thank your Shadow for all of that precious knowledge and set an intention to heal and release.

5. After that a self love/ self care practice is best to raise your vibe! I prefer bath bombs and wine, but that’s just me!

If this was helpful let me know! Post any questions below, and don’t forget to check out my 2 courses HERE .

Holding the Vision PT 1 Dedication


Holding the vision is like working a new muscle.

It takes dedication. Like SERIOUS dedication.

You will need to be dedicated to not only holding the vision, but shifting the thoughts you have that do not align with the vision.

This is your work.

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Much Love,

April Kamara

Problem Children Become Problem Solvers

I used to be ashamed of the mistakes I made.

I barely forgave myself for not being “perfect” like I was “supposed to be”.

Now I see the truth… I was just trying to help people see the problem in the only way I knew how.

Hell, most of the time I didn’t even know that’s what I was doing…

But I knew that something was wrong.

The double standards for men and women?! Seriously??

Schools telling me how to think about things that weren’t important to my path… Needless to say my teachers didn’t like me.

Discrimination? what’s the point? People are People right?

Wrong to society. People are their status, gender, occupations, and shoes they wear.

I was so lost… and that lead me down some darker roads in the beginning, but I found my center.

I came back.

I didn’t stay stuck, lost or insecure.

My pain created enough discomfort to cause me to seek for answers.

And for that, I will be forever grateful!

Much Love,
April Kamara

How to Attract and Hold the Vision

Many people want to learn how to attract their wildest dreams, but forget how to hold the vision. The forget the fundamental truth that we all co-create with the universe…

Meaning that in some way shape or form we asked for what we have previously for safety and security.

Learning how to find those roots and heal them is only part of the mission. The next step is to truly hold the vision.

Working with a Mindset Coach and Medium

What the heck does being a medium have to do with mindset coaching?

Are the two things even relatable?

I’m sure you have plenty of questions pertaining to this topic, and I am here to share my world with you.

Heart to heart.