My Advice to the New Empath

Empaths… i GET YOU.

There’s so much love inside you; yet you have also experienced pain on just as deep of a level. You want to go inside and hide yourself from the world, but


You are meant to be the light in the room.

The calm amidst a storm.

The love amidst the pain.

It’s hard… I know, but together we can wipe the slate clean of these “false-empath” stories that keep you at the mercy of everyone else and their moods.

You don’t have to hide from the crowd.

You don’t have to shut down your gifts and turn into a rock. TRUST ME, there are enough brick buildings and walls in the world…

What the world truly needs is your ability to love despite the pain.

You are the green rainforest of love that goes undiscovered, yet revered for all of her glory and majesty.


Never forget that…

Also if you are needing one on one support message me. I have a few spots open this month and would love to show you how to be a thriving empath, intuitive and ultimately healer. The links will be below.


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