Lets Chat About My Readings

I’ve noticed  that people have experienced medium styled intuitive readings, yet NOT all mediums

I do all readings over the phone so that each party <including myself> is comfortable and relaxed…

I connect 30 minutes prior to your guides, take down several THOROUGH messages and explain EVERYTHING i received before you say anything about your struggle and personal questions.

My readings are VERY thorough and I teach you exactly how your guides connect to YOU.

I tell you all of your spiritual gifts, and how to grow them.

I give you an indepth analysis of the chakras that are being worked on, and how to help ease and speed up the process.

There are purpose based questions a lot of people desire answered and I’ve received specific answers for those ready to perform their roles.

Others who aren’t ready, get indepth explanations on what is blocking them and why.

I’ve helped people go from weightloss coach to reiki master in 3 days.

I’ve helped women who felt so scared of starting their holistic business break down the mental barriers to creating the structure based off if their desires.

I’ve helped women cut ties with their “old self” to fully embrace their spiritual journey.

I’ve helped people who feel insignificant in the spiritual arena understand exactly what their gifts are and how to open them.

I’ve connect clients with their ET Lineage, helping them understand their archetypes and biggest life lessons.
The list goes on!

Basically, if you get a reading with me there is nothing “basic” about it.

They. Are. Life. Changing.

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