How to Find Your Purpose

I used to think that if I wasn’t working in a church somewhere, I wasn’t fulfilling my purpose

<What the actual F>

Have you ever felt this way? Like, only a religious role or life of complete sacrifice was the only way you were actually living out your life’s purpose?

I did, and let me tell you it showed poorly in my work ethic, attitude and commitment to being a diligent worker. I always felt like I was missing something. I would obsess about doing my best and being the one everyone could rely on… but deep down inside I was dying.

I drank too much on the weekends and when I showed up to work the smallest inconveniences became huge deals… I did NOT like the person I was becoming.

I’d like to say that I now still know exactly what my purpose is, but that would be a lie. You see, with free will and all, there really isn’t anything keeping you from living your purpose, except you…

Common themes of people who feel purposeless are:

  1. Getting a job that everyone suggested to them (despite hating it)
  2. Feeling like they need money more than they need happiness
  3. Thinking that what they REALLY want to do is a dream, and better left on the astral realm.
  4. Chasing, obsessing and having tons of anxiety because they feel like they need to make everyone else happy.
  5. Doubting that they are capable of either making money doing what they love or being the best in their desired industry.
  6. Living life from the head instead of from the heart.
  7. Staying busy as a way of avoiding the feeling of “missing” something
  8. Not believing they can have what they want, and not asking it.

These are just a few! But, what you will realize is that all of the themes listed above were created by fear, lack mentality, scarcity and doubt.

Pretty much, poor mindsets that need retraining. Mindsets that were passed down generation to generation. And let me tell you… We are in a time where these thoughts will be true for you as long as you allow them to be.

Let me repeat that again… You create your reality by repeating these same thought patterns that were passed down to you by your family and society.

So you want to find your purpose, but get caught up with these thoughts? THINK NEW THOUGHTS.

Figure out why the old ones stuck. What are you afraid of? How do you release that fear? How has it served you? How is it killing your dreams of finding your purpose?

Then decide that your happiness is priority. You see, happiness, joy, and bliss are all signs that lead us to the path of least resistance aka our purpose.

Do more of what makes you happy and less of what doesn’t.

ALSO- Don’t fall into the trapped thinking of your parents. Seriously… They were your parents so that you could learn from them instead of repeat their patterns. So recognize when the thoughts in your head are theirs, and remind yourself, this isn’t my thought it is their thought.. BYE.

The thinking is usually if I want to do this I have to give this up… and that is only true if that is what you believe. The truth is the universe wants you to be safe and taken care of. It doesn’t care if you quit your job to pursue a career, but if you get fired and don’t understand what happened, get ready for the opportunity of a life time.

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