How to be an Empowered Empath Part 2

Okay, so the last blog was a BIT dramatic, but honestly… that’s how we empaths live. We have been through and experienced SO much, that we think that the only way to make it a little less crazy is to get just as crazy as the situations we’ve endured… and sometimes that gets slapped on those smaller situations.

I’m not saying all empaths are drama queens on the outside… I’m talking about on the inside. We don’t show our true emotions unless we are trying to get something from you. We clam up, and that is just plain BAD for our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.

Because deeply, as empaths we have always had this MAJOR desire to just be LOVED by others because we LOVE others sooo much.

So as you see, this can get turned into a shit show real quick, so….


Remember those bullet points I semi made fun of on the last blog?

“A. Set some clear fucking boundaries (But, eww… Becky… that’s how we know everything that is going on with everyone. That’s how we get the dirt, the scoop, stay ahead, and know who is with us and against us)

B. Delete triggering people from our facebook (THIS IS EASY… Except our ex’s… They stay forever, so that they can know what they are missing)


D. Take a few sips of green algae and chill the fuck out for a few hours before someone with a stank face and attitude walks into work or asks us to take out the trash… (Do you know how important I am?)

E. Do some deep inner work on OURSELVES (Deep like 50 shades of grey? Can I just fantasize about a hot guy swooping me off of my feet please? )”

This is a good start!

Boundaries are when we honor our energy, and take an evaluation of how our relationships help us be better people for better people.

Yes, that means telling your abusive father to fuck off sometimes… even if he isn’t being abusive now, you may still need space, and room to think. THAT’S OKAY.

Yes that means setting boundaries with friends who just wanna gossip around you… EMPATHS CANNOT WITHSTAND GOSSIP. It’s like drinking energetic drano… It burns going down and is straight up corrosive to our health.

And just go ahead and delete, delete, delete whoever is triggering you.. there’s always and opportunity to be friend them after you have delt with your own shit.

As for the new age, ask yourself if your crystals aren’t working… or if you haven’t followed steps A and B.

Drinking green algae would actually really benefit your physical, mental and emotional help… Now, to create detailed affirmations about things that are totally out of reach for your subconscious MIGHT be triggering, so why not start small? How about creating an affirmations that’s only 3 steps ahead instead of 300?

Now, the DEEP inner work is where this gets REAL.

But first you have to recognize a few things as an empath.

1st You are going to have to get REALLY honest with yourself.

I know you have been living in this life where you only look at the good in yourself and others, but lets be honest… You’re not ALWAYS HAPPY. And ONLY looking at the positive is PART of the problem.

You have to look at everything exactly as it is RIGHT NOW.

How are your relationships?

Your goals? Do you have goals? Realistic goals?

Do you know what your strengths and weakness are?

Do you have a journal where you can actually write down how you are feeling, what you are thinking 24/7 and a way to carry that around with you everywhere you go?

You should.

The empath life is one of friction where the higher self is where we idolize ourselves and the lower self or ego is something we avoid at all cost… because who really has the ENERGY to deal with their own shit when everyone else’s shit has been absorbed and drained ALL OF OUR ENERGY?!

That’s why I would suggest starting with boundaries… They will SAVE YOUR ENERGY FOR YOU, and that’s really important embarking on this type of journey.

Once you have a clear idea of what your struggles, and strengths are with a good idea of your patterns and routines, I would suggest doing a CORD CUTTING with me to intuitively release ALL attachments to that old lifestyle. Now, if you want to do a cord cutting first, that is okay, but healthy boundaries will keep you from getting sucked back into old patterns after the cords have been cut.

Just to be clear, this is a stream lined process of how the process can go if done correctly, but don’t forget… You’ve been living with these patterns in hiding or just straight up ignoring these patterns for a LONG TIME, so I suggest looking into working 1:1 with me  and get into my FACEBOOK GROUP

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