How to be an Empowered Empath Part 1

If there is one thing I can say, been there, done that about… It is the fact that I’ve been an emotional, Fuck-with-able empath, and THAT shit ain’t fun.

I see it on the rise, especially with spirituality rising and the positive, we are one movement becoming more and more accepted by the mainstream.

The people I see STRUGGLING with these concepts are EMPATHS!!

EMPATHS are better known as Clairsentient or clear feeling people. They can literally feel what other people are feeling emotionally, mentally, physically and even sexually in their own bodies…

Now, not every empath is going to possess every single one of these traits, but usually there is one area, the most common emotions where empaths hit the nail on the head every time. HOWEVER, MOST empaths don’t even know that they ARE an empath until LATER ON IN LIFE... I’m talking 20’s-30‘s. Being an empath is a lunar-claire or a shadow claire, which means we don’t always begin life seeing dead people or even knowing that we are psychic.

We tend to start life in less than ideal scenarios…

Fighting parents

Narcissistic family members

Distrusting family structures

Paranoid or Anxiety riddle homes

Abusive environments (Mentally, Emotionally, and/or physically)

Because we are empaths and absorb the energy of those around us, we also tend to be very sick as children. I’m talking the kids who are always on some type of steroid, have some food allergies or sensitivities, are over weight (hello childhood steroids?!) and sickly.

We also started out either at a doctors office or ER quite often, or were just always the kid fighting through some cold or stomach bug.

Our parents didn’t grow up in the “New Age”

Learn about holistic approaches

Make sure we had a balanced whole food diet

That’s just not stuff that was mainstream 20+ years ago, so as children we identified as either, the sick ones, the difficult ones or the “something is wrong with me” kids… which was amplified by our thoughts, that then kicked our emotions into overdrive on top of everyone else’s emotions being absorbed by our souls/subconscious/(something out to get us) and we were basically stressed the fuck out.

20+ years of stress because we didn’t know we were empaths.

We didn’t know how to cope with it.

We couldn’t test for psychic abilities at the pediatricians, so we were the prime candidate for test trials, new drugs and shots.

LOTS and LOTS of shots.

So, when we hear about these new, mainstream, new age ideas about being an empath and we start to see that we aren’t alone, that several people our age were, “Born this way”… We instantly feel validated for every experience we have ever had and go into a, “It’s not my fault, mode.”

Which at the beginning is a breath of fresh fucking air, let me tell you…

There is this elated feeling because now… We are SPECIAL. We are CHOSEN. We are DIFFERENT, but in a new age spiritual way…

So we go out and buy some angel cards, we get crystals for every symptom we have ever endured, and we take them all home to our already cluttered space and sage the fuck outta those crystals and cards bc we don’t need their stank ass energy… NOPE we are turning a new leaf.

We are ascending societal norms… Maybe we will get our septums pierced and go get a tattoo of some hindu God, after we catch up on the bachelorette and pretend we are the woman all those men are swooning over… While secretly hating her for being so fucking lucky.

And then something happens… As we are searching these new age, metaphysical, witchy forums we start to see that some empaths are just plain whiney… like REALLY whiney… and then we start to get whiney

And then we start to get MAD.

We start sticking up for the under dawgs in these reddit forums and twitter fingers turn to trigger fingers real quick. Next thing you know it’s 12AM your eyes feel wired OPEN from looking at a bright as computer screen all night and your sleep is shot… The next morning, no coffee is strong enough… No herbal tea could cure the crick in your attitude from waking on the wrong side of the bed, checking facebook and seeing that your secret lover had a sporadic dinner date with another person, and the cycle begins again…

This cycle continues to loop until something triggers us to

A. Set some clear fucking boundaries (But, eww… Becky… that’s how we know everything that is going on with everyone. That’s how we get the dirt, the scoop, stay ahead, and know who is with us and against us)

B. Delete triggering people from our facebook (THIS IS EASY… Except our ex’s… They stay forever, so that they can know what they are missing)


D. Take a few sips of green algae and chill the fuck out for a few hours before someone with a stank face and attitude walks into work or asks us to take out the trash… (Do you know how important I am?)

E. Do some deep inner work on OURSELVES (Deep like 50 shades of grey? Can I just fantasize about a hot guy swooping me off of my feet please? )

For the deep work that an empath NEEDS to do to be empowered, stay tuned for Part 2

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