Faeries are REAL

So, as an intuitive and developing medium… I meditate… A LOT.

Okay, not as much as I “should” but I don’t believe in “should” but I always try to meditate at least once a day.

I intentionally connect with my guides to “check in”. See what they have to say about what I’m doing, maybe meet a few more guides of my own. It’s always a new sensation, experience, and revelation.

About 2 months into exploring my gifts I found myself up at midnight being urged to go meditate…

So I did, and as soon as I closed my eyes I saw this BEAUTIFUL woman’s head with a blue mist holding her head up ( for whatever reason I didn’t see a body) and she had this crown that is larger than life ( It was literally blue and jeweled and bigger than her head. ) Reference the photo below because I shit you, not… The VERY NEXT DAY I see this photo on my instagram of someone holding this exact magazine, and then I knew… I WAS VISITED BY A FAERY!

I was still super new to developing, and I was told to automatic write because I was better at channeling information that way. So I channelled this beautiful message, and afterwards… I realized, that was a fairy. Like some people call them faeries, maybe it’s an english thing, but all I know is THAT WAS SO COOL!

Living this style of life, at the time I got  a lot of overdose spirits coming through, and this encounter was a breath of fresh air. I got a lovely message, and realizing that there literally is NOTHING NEW under the sun.

I feel like I got a piece of my childhood back because I don’t ever remember thinking fairies were real. I was always under the impression that all of that stuff was a lie. My parents lied to me about Santa Clause, so everything else must be a lie too, right? NOPE.

Fairies are actually earth creatures, however I do believe that they are in different dimensions or only connect with people who they like.

I know, it sounds exclusive, but it kind of is because from what I know to be true, fairies are on the same ascension process as humans. They have ego’s just like humans, but they can also help with illusions.

Want help from a fairy? They can help you look prettier, skinnier, pretty much any good enhancement you would like… ask a fairy.

But how do you attract fairies? This one is where it can get tricky because my fairy literally found ME. However, they LOVE nature. So if you want to attract some fairies look into making a fairy garden. If you don’t have room for a garden keep fresh flowers out by a window and invite the fairies in with intention.

You will know when the fairies are around because they bring a fun, child like energy with them. They are all about having a good time and adding joy into your life.

So tell me… Do you believe in fairies now?

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