Live Uncaged


It’s been almost two years since I made a blog, and I’m here to share with you the new vision I have of the future.

I started this blog a brand new psychic medium. I was eager to share about spirit and give the gift of multidimensionality in a way that transformed people’s lives. It seemed like the dream I had always imagined. I was an owner of my own business. I set my own hours, and I got to work.

When I say work, I mean, my life consisted of BEING a psychic 24/7. Spirit’s would visit at all hours of the night. I was high on the thrill of new and exciting things. Seeing fairies for the first time, and having a gnome bless a candle for a ritual I created. ahh, it was sooo much fun and I felt like I had escaped the version of myself that got me there.

The girl who was sad, lonely and so deeply wanted to belong.

Let’s just say, spiritual awakenings have their peaks and valleys. If you have ever been through an awakening you know what I mean. You find beauty amidst the pain. You learn to love yourself through the tough emotions. You begin to see things oh, so clearly, until the next awakening begins to rumble.

In my head, I just wasn’t ready to give up the high vibe place I had been so deeply entranced with for so long. A year of completely owning who I was, what came up for me, sharing the value with others of past hurts felt like it was good enough. So i did what every scared little girl does, I created an illusion. I call myself a little girl for good reason. It wasn’t the 25 year old April that was delusional. It was my scared inner child. I didn’t know she was hurting because I was so busy running a business. I would start to feel her whispers and fears, but before I knew it… I was visited by a spirit or inspired to reach out to a friend.

Little did I know, my ignorance wasn’t bliss. My delusion was fueled by fear, and my ego told me fear wasn’t something we had time to deal with. I was operating so far removed from myself that the more the little girl within me hurt, the further out of my body I would go. Up, up, up. My mind was like a rocket ship floating around in the ethers and I was out there because it felt a HELL of a lot safer than facing what my inner child wanted to say.

So like any delusion, it eventually led to chaos and dysfunction.

I didn’t feel good doing what I was doing. Something was missing, and I couldn’t quite tell what it was. I was losing energy. I was losing touch with reality. I wasn’t taking care of myself, and eventually I knew… It was time to pause.

I needed to do some soul searching. Completely untouched by anyone, any expectation, and I needed to figure out why I was so burnt out.

During this time alone and detached from any form of work, I started to realize the cage I had been operating within. The image I saw was of myself in the forrest, wearing a white dress exploring nature, but with a cage in the shape of a cube over my head. This cage was iron and the bars were flat pieces woven around one another where I had JUST enough space to see some of the light, but I couldn’t see it all.

I knew that I was born with this cage, and that being born with it and accustomed to it, I had created a whole identity around it.

Thankful for its protection.

Appreciative of the reminder to slow down (because if I ran it would knock me back because the cage wasn’t closed or connected to me. it was as if I was walking around with an upside down, metal box on my head. The box didn’t enclose around my neck. It wasn’t a part of me. It was merely something I had grown accustomed to wearing and living within.

Eventually my desire to take the box off became unrelenting. I would feel SO triggered when it came up. I would immediately busy my mind on all the good things about the box. How the box was necessary and there were tons of people who agreed that our boxes made us who we were.

Still, the voice never went away. Tried as I might, that pesky thought kept creeping up. In my dreams. In my thoughts. I would daydream about the box not being there and get really close to forgetting i was even wearing it.

The only time it was acceptable to take the box off was at night of course. So that’s when I would have either the worst or best dreams about life without the box. I would watch myself skip, and prance around the forrest. I couldn’t quite see the detail of everything around me since the box obstructed my view for so long, so eventually in the dream I would freak out because something seemed to look threatening and I would return to the box immediately as I awoke.

Don’t want to see anything like, THAT. I would think. But eventually I began to feel frustrated. Eventually the box would start to REALLY bother me. I would find myself resenting the box, then resenting myself for resenting the box that “saved me” time and time again from the real world and all of it’s scary objects.

Then I would start to attempt to remove the box, almost by accident. Once I realized what I was doing i felt SO WRONG. How could I? What was i thinking?

Then I would wonder what it was like without the box. Could I really skip? Was there really beauty beyond this box? I think there is, but I can’t really tell with these blind spots… I wonder what it would be like to not have this box dictate so much about my life? Then another thought would go, ‘there she goes again, pretending like she’s going to one day escape the box that she ALWAYS defends anyways….’ and I’m triggered again.

I couldn’t think about the life beyond the box and the life within the box was just as infuriating. The pressure was endless. I had to have been thinking about this 24/7. Until one night I had a dream that showed me my life outside the box. The beautiful trees and the lazy river. All of the birds and colors that the flowers and leaves graced the forrest with. I’d never seen so clearly. I’d never been so happy.

I must know what life is like beyond this box, I said to myself in the dream. When I awoke, I started to put the box back on, but something in me didn’t want to. My eyes hadn’t adjusted yet, but the dream had a profound affect on me! I was scared. I was fidgety. I had thoughts racing through my head left and right, but I decided to breathe. I let my mind go for a moment and I took some time to feel into that fear. It felt consuming for a few seconds, but eventually i began to feel it smooth out into a gentle hummmm… I started to feel a little energized, and my eyes began to focus.

Today, I’m going to live without the box. Today I’m going to see what life without the box really feels like…

And that day I was practically blind. There was soo much sun, and I had a little head ache from not being able to see things so clearly, but immersed in the mystery, I had never felt, SO alive. It wasn’t long before I stumbled along that I had a little voice tell me to touch something in front of me. When I did, I felt the bark of a tree so grand and wide, I wasn’t able to touch my hands together to wrap around it even if i tried.

I stood in reverence at the magnificent energy I began to enmesh with. Slowly I started to see sillohettes of beings surrounding me and images of tunnels and things I wasn’t quite sure of what they were, but I knew that they were all codes. The voice of the tree filled my mind with a gentle caress of ease and peace.

“Sit with me, my darling. We have much to discuss.”

It was as if the unseen world was more true and fantastic than I had ever imagined. Lost without sight, I could finally see. Alone and bewildered, my fear was met with excitement and wonder.

I never wanted to give this up. I thought I had reached the pinnacle of what I had always wanted, but with that one thought. I was reminded of the time I discovered my gifts outside of this vision. The girl who thought she had it all just to lose herself in delusion of, “It can’t get any better than this”

And a truth unfolded before the story needing any explaining. I was the girl who was clinging onto a frame instead of exploring the everlasting mystery of my soul. It was then, I realized, I was not going to be blind forever. The version of myself in the vision was not in utopia, but finally where she was always meant to be.

If she was to cling onto that frame, it would just create another box she would eventually have to take off, and with each new awareness she would meet new thoughts that if clinged to, could create another cage. In a moment of complete bliss, we have an opportunity to see who we are, and from that create what we are.

The more we cling out of fear we trap ourselves in the frame and as the universe grows, our delusions lose their luster. Our discomfort is a sign of delusion. The physical world, though it may seem absolute is only as far reaching and real as our ability to remove the boxes of old and traverse the mysteries of the unseen.

Just as the girl in my vision, I too am on a journey of continual initiation. My gifts helped me to bust through and take off the first cage, but just as quickly as I took one off, my desire to stay exactly where I was and hold onto that frame created a discomfort in me that brought back the wounds of old.

My inner child was calling, and showed up as soon as i completely surrendered to bliss. Hidden inside of me, I fell into the trap of doing whatever it took to stay there, and until the discomfort became too much, I was trapped in a frame within a frame. Pushed by my ego to keep going, and completely oblivious to the pain I was avoiding, nothing could stop me.

I had to choose to see what was truly happening. I had to take ownership of whatever dysfunction I could hold onto long enough, and choose to emmerse myself in the mystery of me. I was no longer connecting with spirits of past loved ones, but instead I was traversing time one trigger and one realization at a time. Each time I cringed, I was experiencing the contraction before the expansion. Easing into it… I began to experience life as a catalyst for growth, and my reality got less solid and more fluid.

I realized my initiation was one that required this leave of absence, and trusting that was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I come back to this space to generate a willingness of perception. I lead with stories instead of facts because i am not your teacher, but a bridge. I activate the channels and you choose whether or not you wish to traverse into your own unknown.

This will be my space of healing, and my call to those who are ready to share this journey with me.

I am gratefully, undefined.

Continually evolving, and consistently learning

I have nothing for you, that is missing within yourself.

I merely have the intention to share my experiences, and an excitement for those ready to dive into their own mysteries.

As the energy flows I will let my offers wax and wane as the does the moon..

With this beautiful realization and inner shift, I have opened my one on one coaching up to those who are ready to catalyze their success from the inside out. Email me with any questions, and for now, I leave you with the opportunity to live, uncaged.



How to be an Empowered Empath Part 2

Okay, so the last blog was a BIT dramatic, but honestly… that’s how we empaths live. We have been through and experienced SO much, that we think that the only way to make it a little less crazy is to get just as crazy as the situations we’ve endured… and sometimes that gets slapped on those smaller situations.

I’m not saying all empaths are drama queens on the outside… I’m talking about on the inside. We don’t show our true emotions unless we are trying to get something from you. We clam up, and that is just plain BAD for our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.

Because deeply, as empaths we have always had this MAJOR desire to just be LOVED by others because we LOVE others sooo much.

So as you see, this can get turned into a shit show real quick, so….


Remember those bullet points I semi made fun of on the last blog?

“A. Set some clear fucking boundaries (But, eww… Becky… that’s how we know everything that is going on with everyone. That’s how we get the dirt, the scoop, stay ahead, and know who is with us and against us)

B. Delete triggering people from our facebook (THIS IS EASY… Except our ex’s… They stay forever, so that they can know what they are missing)


D. Take a few sips of green algae and chill the fuck out for a few hours before someone with a stank face and attitude walks into work or asks us to take out the trash… (Do you know how important I am?)

E. Do some deep inner work on OURSELVES (Deep like 50 shades of grey? Can I just fantasize about a hot guy swooping me off of my feet please? )”

This is a good start!

Boundaries are when we honor our energy, and take an evaluation of how our relationships help us be better people for better people.

Yes, that means telling your abusive father to fuck off sometimes… even if he isn’t being abusive now, you may still need space, and room to think. THAT’S OKAY.

Yes that means setting boundaries with friends who just wanna gossip around you… EMPATHS CANNOT WITHSTAND GOSSIP. It’s like drinking energetic drano… It burns going down and is straight up corrosive to our health.

And just go ahead and delete, delete, delete whoever is triggering you.. there’s always and opportunity to be friend them after you have delt with your own shit.

As for the new age, ask yourself if your crystals aren’t working… or if you haven’t followed steps A and B.

Drinking green algae would actually really benefit your physical, mental and emotional help… Now, to create detailed affirmations about things that are totally out of reach for your subconscious MIGHT be triggering, so why not start small? How about creating an affirmations that’s only 3 steps ahead instead of 300?

Now, the DEEP inner work is where this gets REAL.

But first you have to recognize a few things as an empath.

1st You are going to have to get REALLY honest with yourself.

I know you have been living in this life where you only look at the good in yourself and others, but lets be honest… You’re not ALWAYS HAPPY. And ONLY looking at the positive is PART of the problem.

You have to look at everything exactly as it is RIGHT NOW.

How are your relationships?

Your goals? Do you have goals? Realistic goals?

Do you know what your strengths and weakness are?

Do you have a journal where you can actually write down how you are feeling, what you are thinking 24/7 and a way to carry that around with you everywhere you go?

You should.

The empath life is one of friction where the higher self is where we idolize ourselves and the lower self or ego is something we avoid at all cost… because who really has the ENERGY to deal with their own shit when everyone else’s shit has been absorbed and drained ALL OF OUR ENERGY?!

That’s why I would suggest starting with boundaries… They will SAVE YOUR ENERGY FOR YOU, and that’s really important embarking on this type of journey.

Once you have a clear idea of what your struggles, and strengths are with a good idea of your patterns and routines, I would suggest doing a CORD CUTTING with me to intuitively release ALL attachments to that old lifestyle. Now, if you want to do a cord cutting first, that is okay, but healthy boundaries will keep you from getting sucked back into old patterns after the cords have been cut.

Just to be clear, this is a stream lined process of how the process can go if done correctly, but don’t forget… You’ve been living with these patterns in hiding or just straight up ignoring these patterns for a LONG TIME, so I suggest looking into working 1:1 with me  and get into my FACEBOOK GROUP

How to be an Empowered Empath Part 1

If there is one thing I can say, been there, done that about… It is the fact that I’ve been an emotional, Fuck-with-able empath, and THAT shit ain’t fun.

I see it on the rise, especially with spirituality rising and the positive, we are one movement becoming more and more accepted by the mainstream.

The people I see STRUGGLING with these concepts are EMPATHS!!

EMPATHS are better known as Clairsentient or clear feeling people. They can literally feel what other people are feeling emotionally, mentally, physically and even sexually in their own bodies…

Now, not every empath is going to possess every single one of these traits, but usually there is one area, the most common emotions where empaths hit the nail on the head every time. HOWEVER, MOST empaths don’t even know that they ARE an empath until LATER ON IN LIFE... I’m talking 20’s-30‘s. Being an empath is a lunar-claire or a shadow claire, which means we don’t always begin life seeing dead people or even knowing that we are psychic.

We tend to start life in less than ideal scenarios…

Fighting parents

Narcissistic family members

Distrusting family structures

Paranoid or Anxiety riddle homes

Abusive environments (Mentally, Emotionally, and/or physically)

Because we are empaths and absorb the energy of those around us, we also tend to be very sick as children. I’m talking the kids who are always on some type of steroid, have some food allergies or sensitivities, are over weight (hello childhood steroids?!) and sickly.

We also started out either at a doctors office or ER quite often, or were just always the kid fighting through some cold or stomach bug.

Our parents didn’t grow up in the “New Age”

Learn about holistic approaches

Make sure we had a balanced whole food diet

That’s just not stuff that was mainstream 20+ years ago, so as children we identified as either, the sick ones, the difficult ones or the “something is wrong with me” kids… which was amplified by our thoughts, that then kicked our emotions into overdrive on top of everyone else’s emotions being absorbed by our souls/subconscious/(something out to get us) and we were basically stressed the fuck out.

20+ years of stress because we didn’t know we were empaths.

We didn’t know how to cope with it.

We couldn’t test for psychic abilities at the pediatricians, so we were the prime candidate for test trials, new drugs and shots.

LOTS and LOTS of shots.

So, when we hear about these new, mainstream, new age ideas about being an empath and we start to see that we aren’t alone, that several people our age were, “Born this way”… We instantly feel validated for every experience we have ever had and go into a, “It’s not my fault, mode.”

Which at the beginning is a breath of fresh fucking air, let me tell you…

There is this elated feeling because now… We are SPECIAL. We are CHOSEN. We are DIFFERENT, but in a new age spiritual way…

So we go out and buy some angel cards, we get crystals for every symptom we have ever endured, and we take them all home to our already cluttered space and sage the fuck outta those crystals and cards bc we don’t need their stank ass energy… NOPE we are turning a new leaf.

We are ascending societal norms… Maybe we will get our septums pierced and go get a tattoo of some hindu God, after we catch up on the bachelorette and pretend we are the woman all those men are swooning over… While secretly hating her for being so fucking lucky.

And then something happens… As we are searching these new age, metaphysical, witchy forums we start to see that some empaths are just plain whiney… like REALLY whiney… and then we start to get whiney

And then we start to get MAD.

We start sticking up for the under dawgs in these reddit forums and twitter fingers turn to trigger fingers real quick. Next thing you know it’s 12AM your eyes feel wired OPEN from looking at a bright as computer screen all night and your sleep is shot… The next morning, no coffee is strong enough… No herbal tea could cure the crick in your attitude from waking on the wrong side of the bed, checking facebook and seeing that your secret lover had a sporadic dinner date with another person, and the cycle begins again…

This cycle continues to loop until something triggers us to

A. Set some clear fucking boundaries (But, eww… Becky… that’s how we know everything that is going on with everyone. That’s how we get the dirt, the scoop, stay ahead, and know who is with us and against us)

B. Delete triggering people from our facebook (THIS IS EASY… Except our ex’s… They stay forever, so that they can know what they are missing)


D. Take a few sips of green algae and chill the fuck out for a few hours before someone with a stank face and attitude walks into work or asks us to take out the trash… (Do you know how important I am?)

E. Do some deep inner work on OURSELVES (Deep like 50 shades of grey? Can I just fantasize about a hot guy swooping me off of my feet please? )

For the deep work that an empath NEEDS to do to be empowered, stay tuned for Part 2

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All About Empaths

Being an empath doesn’t have to be a draining curse, but some of the misconceptions about empaths can cause major damage and heart break if we keep choosing to repeat bad patterns.

Check out my theory on empaths!

Lets Chat About My Readings

I’ve noticed  that people have experienced medium styled intuitive readings, yet NOT all mediums

I do all readings over the phone so that each party <including myself> is comfortable and relaxed…

I connect 30 minutes prior to your guides, take down several THOROUGH messages and explain EVERYTHING i received before you say anything about your struggle and personal questions.

My readings are VERY thorough and I teach you exactly how your guides connect to YOU.

I tell you all of your spiritual gifts, and how to grow them.

I give you an indepth analysis of the chakras that are being worked on, and how to help ease and speed up the process.

There are purpose based questions a lot of people desire answered and I’ve received specific answers for those ready to perform their roles.

Others who aren’t ready, get indepth explanations on what is blocking them and why.

I’ve helped people go from weightloss coach to reiki master in 3 days.

I’ve helped women who felt so scared of starting their holistic business break down the mental barriers to creating the structure based off if their desires.

I’ve helped women cut ties with their “old self” to fully embrace their spiritual journey.

I’ve helped people who feel insignificant in the spiritual arena understand exactly what their gifts are and how to open them.

I’ve connect clients with their ET Lineage, helping them understand their archetypes and biggest life lessons.
The list goes on!

Basically, if you get a reading with me there is nothing “basic” about it.

They. Are. Life. Changing.

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My Advice to the New Empath

Empaths… i GET YOU.

There’s so much love inside you; yet you have also experienced pain on just as deep of a level. You want to go inside and hide yourself from the world, but


You are meant to be the light in the room.

The calm amidst a storm.

The love amidst the pain.

It’s hard… I know, but together we can wipe the slate clean of these “false-empath” stories that keep you at the mercy of everyone else and their moods.

You don’t have to hide from the crowd.

You don’t have to shut down your gifts and turn into a rock. TRUST ME, there are enough brick buildings and walls in the world…

What the world truly needs is your ability to love despite the pain.

You are the green rainforest of love that goes undiscovered, yet revered for all of her glory and majesty.


Never forget that…

Also if you are needing one on one support message me. I have a few spots open this month and would love to show you how to be a thriving empath, intuitive and ultimately healer. The links will be below.


How to Find Your Purpose

I used to think that if I wasn’t working in a church somewhere, I wasn’t fulfilling my purpose

<What the actual F>

Have you ever felt this way? Like, only a religious role or life of complete sacrifice was the only way you were actually living out your life’s purpose?

I did, and let me tell you it showed poorly in my work ethic, attitude and commitment to being a diligent worker. I always felt like I was missing something. I would obsess about doing my best and being the one everyone could rely on… but deep down inside I was dying.

I drank too much on the weekends and when I showed up to work the smallest inconveniences became huge deals… I did NOT like the person I was becoming.

I’d like to say that I now still know exactly what my purpose is, but that would be a lie. You see, with free will and all, there really isn’t anything keeping you from living your purpose, except you…

Common themes of people who feel purposeless are:

  1. Getting a job that everyone suggested to them (despite hating it)
  2. Feeling like they need money more than they need happiness
  3. Thinking that what they REALLY want to do is a dream, and better left on the astral realm.
  4. Chasing, obsessing and having tons of anxiety because they feel like they need to make everyone else happy.
  5. Doubting that they are capable of either making money doing what they love or being the best in their desired industry.
  6. Living life from the head instead of from the heart.
  7. Staying busy as a way of avoiding the feeling of “missing” something
  8. Not believing they can have what they want, and not asking it.

These are just a few! But, what you will realize is that all of the themes listed above were created by fear, lack mentality, scarcity and doubt.

Pretty much, poor mindsets that need retraining. Mindsets that were passed down generation to generation. And let me tell you… We are in a time where these thoughts will be true for you as long as you allow them to be.

Let me repeat that again… You create your reality by repeating these same thought patterns that were passed down to you by your family and society.

So you want to find your purpose, but get caught up with these thoughts? THINK NEW THOUGHTS.

Figure out why the old ones stuck. What are you afraid of? How do you release that fear? How has it served you? How is it killing your dreams of finding your purpose?

Then decide that your happiness is priority. You see, happiness, joy, and bliss are all signs that lead us to the path of least resistance aka our purpose.

Do more of what makes you happy and less of what doesn’t.

ALSO- Don’t fall into the trapped thinking of your parents. Seriously… They were your parents so that you could learn from them instead of repeat their patterns. So recognize when the thoughts in your head are theirs, and remind yourself, this isn’t my thought it is their thought.. BYE.

The thinking is usually if I want to do this I have to give this up… and that is only true if that is what you believe. The truth is the universe wants you to be safe and taken care of. It doesn’t care if you quit your job to pursue a career, but if you get fired and don’t understand what happened, get ready for the opportunity of a life time.

And  if you want to dive DEEP into your purpose click HERE to set up a spirit guide reading with me.


Faeries are REAL

So, as an intuitive and developing medium… I meditate… A LOT.

Okay, not as much as I “should” but I don’t believe in “should” but I always try to meditate at least once a day.

I intentionally connect with my guides to “check in”. See what they have to say about what I’m doing, maybe meet a few more guides of my own. It’s always a new sensation, experience, and revelation.

About 2 months into exploring my gifts I found myself up at midnight being urged to go meditate…

So I did, and as soon as I closed my eyes I saw this BEAUTIFUL woman’s head with a blue mist holding her head up ( for whatever reason I didn’t see a body) and she had this crown that is larger than life ( It was literally blue and jeweled and bigger than her head. ) Reference the photo below because I shit you, not… The VERY NEXT DAY I see this photo on my instagram of someone holding this exact magazine, and then I knew… I WAS VISITED BY A FAERY!

I was still super new to developing, and I was told to automatic write because I was better at channeling information that way. So I channelled this beautiful message, and afterwards… I realized, that was a fairy. Like some people call them faeries, maybe it’s an english thing, but all I know is THAT WAS SO COOL!

Living this style of life, at the time I got  a lot of overdose spirits coming through, and this encounter was a breath of fresh air. I got a lovely message, and realizing that there literally is NOTHING NEW under the sun.

I feel like I got a piece of my childhood back because I don’t ever remember thinking fairies were real. I was always under the impression that all of that stuff was a lie. My parents lied to me about Santa Clause, so everything else must be a lie too, right? NOPE.

Fairies are actually earth creatures, however I do believe that they are in different dimensions or only connect with people who they like.

I know, it sounds exclusive, but it kind of is because from what I know to be true, fairies are on the same ascension process as humans. They have ego’s just like humans, but they can also help with illusions.

Want help from a fairy? They can help you look prettier, skinnier, pretty much any good enhancement you would like… ask a fairy.

But how do you attract fairies? This one is where it can get tricky because my fairy literally found ME. However, they LOVE nature. So if you want to attract some fairies look into making a fairy garden. If you don’t have room for a garden keep fresh flowers out by a window and invite the fairies in with intention.

You will know when the fairies are around because they bring a fun, child like energy with them. They are all about having a good time and adding joy into your life.

So tell me… Do you believe in fairies now?

San Diego Open Circle at Balboa Park

I have been searching for an open circle in San Diego for almost 6 months and found next to nothing… The stories I have to tell are priceless, but my needs just weren’t met…

I cannot be the ONLY intuitive desiring a safe place to grow, connect and practice using my gifts…

So I have decided to create my own Open Circle for Spiritual Chicks interested in developing their intuition, meeting their spirit guides, and connecting with other high vibe intuitive women in the process.

Show up with a desire to grow and just BE YOURSELF. We all understand that there are difficult times during an awakening, so let this be your get out of jail free card when it comes to negative emotions. Let that ishhh GO before you grace us with your presence. Take a couple of minutes to meditate in the car. Sing your favorite song, and show up with your smile!

What you can expect from these gatherings:

  1. A safe place to develop spiritual and intuitive gifts
  2. Meditations specifically designed for development
  3. Developing a relationship with your spirit guides
  4. Partners! Activities to try on one another
  5. Activities to take home
  6. Affirmations to help you grow
  7. Sharing experiences
  8. Support and Guidance through the process

When? We will meet Every Saturday at 2pm at the Balboa Park Bridge by the dog park to find our space to practice.

Be sure to bring:

  1. Something to sit on
  2. Something to drink
  3. A crystal you would like to charge

The cost is $20 per person.

Got questions?  Check out the facebook event HERE

You can always Email me at for further assistance.

See you there!


How to Lead with Your Heart

Heart Consciousness is VITAL to manifesting and tuning into your soul

It’s getting out of the space of forcing and judging.

It’s living in the realm of what I want.

Giving myself time to be ME as much as possible.

Staying in the realm of your mind can take you to craziness..

Watch the video to see how I turn my first world-fast paced life, into one of heart consciousness