About Me

  Hi love,

I’m April. A few years ago I had a spiritual awakening that changed my life forever. This blog is where I share my stories, lessons and insights. It’s for the people who want a better understanding of the invisible forces that make up the physical world.

  I want to rededicate this blog to sharing the depths of my experiences in a creative and fun way. I know that if you are here, it is meant for you to witness everything that intrigues you. Feel free to take what resonates and let your own inner wisdom guide you along the way.

What I know to be true, may trigger you. That’s what authenticity does. It ruffles feathers. It holds nothing back, and it is a direct representation of my heart. A sneak peak into the reality of being me.

May your spirit delight in witnessing my written and sometimes recorded expression.

May you seek a life of magic and mystery within the mundane.

May your life forever be changed, and your heart be the force that guides you on the journey of unfoldment and self discovery.